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Crying in Spain because of the departure of Messi from Barcelona, ​​announced this Thursday (5), I am crying here on my little sofa for a separation.

Those, you know? That make your face swell with tears and kill tomorrow. Even until tomorrow.

But back to Messi.

The Spaniards and in particular the culés (fans of FC Barcelona) are extremely saddened by the departure of their idol, with no new destination for the moment.

The main reason would be “economic and structural obstacles”, although other wear and tear in recent times, such as the already famous near-farewell of burofax, have also played their part. Everything is Messi’s blonde, everything is Messi’s fault, OPlayerMaisFodásticoDoMundo. It’s been almost 18 years with the club. A long marriage.

Joan Laporta, current FC Barcelona president, made headlines today saying that “Barca are above Messi, and we are not going to mortgage him to anyone”.

But people cry. Newsstands stood up with the Argentinian print on each cover; on television, short interviews with beings of all nationalities and ages in the streets of Barcelona repeat the invariable “Messi rest”, and similar calls.

(I wonder why they didn’t interview me, so I might say, “Fuck. Somebody give me change for the $ 126 million salary he got in 2020? I need some help. ‘a Maserati. “And:” Neymaaaaaaaar, eôÔô, just give a little swing)

An Argentinian who lives in Barcelona (and there are a lot of them) moans into the microphone: I was only there because of Messi! Wherever he goes, I go! And decrees: tourism in Barcelona without Messi is over !!


Messi-Messi-Messi images bombard us in the midst of Olympic Games broadcasts. The Spanish channel broadcasts an interview with the native karateka who won silver at the Olympics (Spain’s Sandra Sánchez won gold, beating Japanese favorite Kiyou Shimizu).

Sweaty, he runs his hand over his forelock, looks sideways at the camera, knows he’s a cat. It is worth points when you get sponsors.


It is obvious that the goose that lays the golden eggs of sports hype today irreparably passes through merchandising centered on figures of idolatry.

Sports business and marketing specialists are still analyzing the economic impact that Messi’s departure from Barça could have. It will not be little.

FC Barcelona are considered the second most valuable club in the world, tied with Real Madrid. The value of each of these Spanish brands is estimated at US $ 1.4 billion, surpassed only by Manchester, the most frapfrap club in the world, valued at US $ 1.7 billion.

Barca’s two main sponsors, Nike and Rakuten, are duly ruffling with the announcement of the ace’s departure. They already had deals and campaigns with FCB and Messi.

The FC Barcelona brand obviously relied heavily on the merchandising associated with the player, as well as on advertising contracts and television broadcasting rights. Will surely lose.

It is estimated that the Messi brand earns at least twice as much as any other player on the squad. More than half of what is sold in official clothing and accessories is associated with the player, and more than half of ticket sales are linked to the ace.

A single League jersey with the number 10 on the club’s official website can cost up to 160 euros (or nearly R $ 1,000).

One of the classic Barcelona shows was seeing a match at Camp Nou with Messi. The Argentinian has become one of the icons of the city, along with Gaudí’s dragons. Now… no more. Even until tomorrow. Tears, tears.

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