With 5G in the home stretch, Biden sends national security and CIA to Bolsonaro – 03/08/2021 – Nelson de Sá

A month after the CIA director met in Brasilia Jair Bolsonaro, Generals Braga Netto, Augusto Heleno and others (below and here), the US national security adviser is expected to meet this week with Bolsonaro, Braga Netto and others.

Jake Sullivan, according to the White House statement, will join Tarun Chhabra and Amit Mital, senior directors of technology and cybernetics at Joe Biden’s National Security Council.

On the program, “opportunities to strengthen the American-Brazilian strategic partnership”, in particular “to collaborate on digital infrastructure”.

The priority is to obtain the government’s veto on the Chinese Huawei on the 5G network, specifies O Globo. According to the Tele.Síntese site, Anatel is making “adjustments” to the auction notice, which is expected to take place in two months.


Regarding the visits of Jake Sullivan (National Security) and William Burns (CIA), the vice president of the Americas Society / Council of the Americas, now also a cultural analyst, Brian Winter, tweeted:

“The Biden government may not like Bolsonaro, but it sees Brazil as a key player in the growing global confrontation with China. Much of Latin America is in crisis and / or is turning against Washington. Brazil is still an important ally of the United States. And it still is. ‘Great’. “

He says that in Washington, as far as Latin America is concerned, the Cold War realism of “ignoring the undemocratic behavior of the allies if they help the United States”, now against China, is reborn.

Winter also underlines the priority of 5G on both visits and says that “Amazon is on the agenda, but the bilateral relationship is much broader.”


Along with the news of Sullivan’s visit to Bolsonaro, Reuters and others reported that White House climate envoy John Kerry had held a virtual meeting with seven governors.

They represented the 23 members of the Governors for Climate alliance, which had sent a letter to the US government and “is also seeking meetings with China, the European Union and others.”


Coverage of the Brazilian president’s threats to democracy continues, with Spain’s El País, among others, noting that “Bolsonaro is stoking the ghost of fraud in the upcoming elections.”

The American Associated Press, on the other hand, reports that justice has taken action against the president for questioning the elections without evidence, but underlines a note from the consultancy firm Eurasia, saying that there is no risk. that “the army supports Bolsonaro by defying the results” in 2022.

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