Tokyo 2020 denies Hiroshima’s minute of silence – 03/08/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Japan’s Kyodo news agency reported that the International Olympic Committee had denied the mayor’s and Hiroshima survivors’ request for a minute’s silence during the Games.

It would be at 8:15 am this Friday (6), anniversary of the “Attack on the United States”. The refusal was informed by the Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee, the IOC did not respond to the request.

Since his visit to the city shortly before the start of the Olympics, the committee chairman has been the target of Japanese newspapers for “insensitivity” and greed, according to the FAZ:

“To describe Thomas Bach’s cover as hostile to Japan would be too friendly. The tabloids have been running critical articles for weeks. You hear and read that he’s arrogant. Looks like he just wants money, not money. Olympic spirit, says one. “

Now, “a few days before the end of the Games, his reputation is even more damaged.”

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