After 10 days of power failure, CNPq re-establishes partial access to the Lattes platform – 03/08/2021 – Science

After ten days of power failure, the Jair Bolsonaro government restored partial access to the Lattes platform on Tuesday evening (3). It is now available to view researchers’ résumés, but the functioning of the system has not yet returned to normal.

It is currently not possible to update the resumes, but the possibility of printing and downloading is available, said the CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) responsible for the system.

“The work to restore access is still ongoing, including new database updates to be made in the coming days, including photos and the number of citations in the résumés,” the agency said in a statement.

A failure in the technology area has brought both systems to a standstill since the 23rd of last month. The CNPq had promised to restore everything on Monday (2) but there were delays.

The database will be updated by 6pm on July 23rd. The Carlos Chagas platform, also from CNPq, has not yet been restored.

According to the CNPq, access must be achieved through direct access to the curriculum from the Lattes ID (entry in the browser address field “”[número do ID]”) and using a text search for the address:

The system failure was caused, according to official information, by the burning of a device in devices that has the function of controlling the servers on which the platforms are hosted. This would have occurred when migrating the data to a new server.

In an email the report received, a CNPq official reported on the 26th that the council’s main server had been reached and that the devices were out of warranty with no maintenance contract. This would prevent an immediate repair and would involve the need to hire an outside company as it actually happened.

When asked by Folha, CNPq and the Ministry of Science did not reply that the operation is without warranty and maintenance.

Lattes is a database of all researchers’ résumés and measures such as granting grants depend on the platform’s consultation. On the other hand, Carlos Chagas is responsible for conducting public calls and announcements to promote research, administration, and grant payment.

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