This new masculinity has a lot of work ahead of it – Normalitas

I rewrote these first lines 180,517,089 times. It’s too much for my mental boat. I tried to be objective, unequivocal, informative, but I couldn’t. Let the matter be fulfilled. In the same week that Barcelona announces the creation of an Innovative Center for New Masculinities, aimed at educating and disseminating information to promote “different imaginaries … Read more

Bolsonaro invites African accused of authoritarian turn on official visit – 07/30/2021 – world

President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) invited an African leader accused of promoting an authoritarian turn in his country to an official visit to Brazil. The information was revealed by Bolsonaro himself during a conversation with supporters on Wednesday evening (28). However, at the time, he could not remember the name of his host or the country … Read more

Science Secretary Pledges $ 100 Million to Unlock Research – 7/30/2021 – Science

The Brazilian government announced on Thursday afternoon (29th) a commitment to increase the import exemption quota for scientific research by 100 million US dollars (around 519 million R $). Even with the announcement, the amount remains below the amount released for exemption in previous years. According to the Minister of Science and Technology, Marcos Pontes, … Read more

Is Argentina’s democracy in danger? – 07/30/2021 – Latin America21

Since the 2008 conflict, symbolic violence has started to increase in Argentina. There was a return to confrontation which resulted in the emergence of a series of expressions aimed at disqualifying the opponent and exacerbating the (pre) existing divisions in Argentine society. Terms of dubious explanatory power, but indisputably persuasive effectiveness, have emerged, such as … Read more

Haitians Obtain Right to Come to Brazil Visa-Free After Reporting Irregularities to Obtain Document – 07/30/2021 – World

Two brothers who lost their mother and found themselves without anyone to take care of them. A blind elderly woman in a wheelchair who cannot receive medical treatment and has no one to help her with her daily life. Dozens of children who have been estranged from their mother, father, or both for years. They … Read more

Central government hinders Chilean decentralization – 07/30/2021 – Latinoamérica21

The democratic election of the regional governor is one of the main political decentralization measures that Chile has taken to ensure that decisions are no longer taken exclusively in the capital. Since July 14, these authorities have led the governments of the 16 regions of the country. However, the central government took several steps to … Read more