France, Italy and Australia protest against sanitary measures – 24/07/2021 – World

This Saturday (24), France, Italy and Australia recorded several protests against new health restrictions aimed at fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and curbing the delta variant. The measure most criticized by protesters is the so-called “health passport”, with compulsory vaccination for various professions in Europe. By decision of the European Parliament, only people with a complete … Read more

Nicaraguan dictatorship arrests 7th opposition candidate three months before elections – 24/07/2021 – world

Three months before the elections, the Nicaraguan dictatorship decreed for the seventh time the arrest of an opposition presidential candidate. Noel Viadurre was under house arrest this Saturday (24), as was the journalist and political commentator Jaime Arellano. In a statement, the National Police said that the arrest of the two men was decreed on … Read more

Deemed ‘anti-corruption hero’, prosecutor leaves Guatemala after being sacked – 24/07/2021 – World

Prosecutor Juan Francisco Sandoval, main player in the fight against corruption in Guatemala, left the country in the early hours of Saturday (24) for fear of reprisals, after accusing the attorney general of obstructing investigations involving government officials and President Alejandro Giammattei. Consuelo Porras, Attorney General of Guatemala, sacked Sandoval, head of the Special Prosecutor … Read more

For screenwriters, the death of the President of Haiti would make a good series, but the writers must fix the problems – 07/24/2021 – World

A group of mercenaries formed by former high-ranking military personnel from Colombia, with military training from the United States, kills the authoritarian president of a Caribbean country. They hide in the embassy of a country unrecognized by 179 of the 193 UN member states (Taiwan) and exchange gunfire with the police. Among the possible bosses … Read more

Study brings a new perspective on the supposed war in prehistoric Africa – 07/24/2021 – Reinaldo José Lopes

What life did our Stone Age ancestors lead? There are myriad ways to answer this question (not least because it is a bit vague), but it has been a centuries-old tradition to highlight the tremendous uncertainty that should shape their everyday lives. In the words of the English thinker Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) it would be … Read more

Why Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are not yet astronauts, according to the USA – 07/24/2021 – Science

The United States has tightened its definition of the word “astronaut” to chill the dreams of many billionaire space explorers. The new rules from the FAA (the agency that regulates civil aviation in the United States) state that astronauts must be part of the crew and contribute to the safety of space flights. This means … Read more

Parade unites thousands in Hungary against anti-LGBT law – 24/07/2021 – World

Thousands of people took part this Saturday in the Pride March in Budapest, whose main theme this year was the protest against the so-called anti-LGBT law of the government of nationalist Viktor Orbán. The previous edition of the march, in 2019, attracted around 20,000 people, according to the organizers. Despite the ever-present Covid-19 pandemic, they … Read more

“Biden has better chances of success in Cuba than Obama,” says Arturo Valenzuela – 07/24/2021 – World

Arturo Valenzuela was the US State Department’s primary name for Latin America at the start of Barack Obama’s administration. As Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, he helped with plans for rapprochement between the United States and Cuba at the time, under the mantra of direct links with the people of the United … Read more