US-Chinese trade “learns to live with tariffs” and breaks record – 07/22/2021 – Nelson de Sá

On Bloomberg, reproduced below, “Trade between the United States and China is exploding as if the virus and tariffs never existed.”

According to the service, “monthly bilateral trade has reached new records” – China “buying millions of tons of American agricultural products” and “American consumers importing goods in record quantities”.

In short, “the two parties have learned to live with tariffs”, which cannot “force the decoupling of supply chains” as Donald Trump wanted.

The Economist had already spoken out in its cover editorial against protectionism and Joe Biden’s “strident rhetoric” against China, which “turns Trump’s bombastic language into doctrine.”

The magazine warned, “China will become a dominant economic force no matter what America does.

And even earlier, the Economist Intelligence Unit, a consulting firm linked to the magazine, released the report “America will not see significant supply chain offshoring in 2021-25”, forecasting a growing participation of Asia.

He assesses that “businesses and investors will continue to be discouraged by the lack of competitiveness vis-à-vis Asian economies.”


The Financial Times, in a text by its editor and US columnist Edward Luce, warns that “things could fall apart for Biden” (reproduction above) with Covid’s “stubbornness”, lack of support for Senate and the “fall of Kabul, the Afghan capital, which” will damage the prestige of America “.


In the New York Times, China declined “the World Health Organization’s call” to return to the Wuhan lab and test Biden’s theory of the origin of the coronavirus.

In contrast, over the previous two days, one of the Financial Times’ most widely read articles was “Italian blood samples reignite debate over early signs of Covid in Europe.” A study indicates that the virus would circulate in Milan in October 2019, “before the first case in Wuhan is confirmed”.

The Wall Street Journal did too.


Entitled “Welcome to Brazil? Venezuelans are being exploited by aid program, “Reuters dispatched a full investigation highlighting how Operation Welcome,” Operation Welcome, “resulted in employees” forced to work illegally for long hours, with long days. of 18 hours, without rest “, part of them” in conditions similar to slavery “.

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