Defensive Cyber Weapons Market Research Revealing the Growth Rate and Business Opportunities to 2027

Defensive cyber weapons are malicious agents designed for intelligence, military, and paramilitary security or surveillance purposes used in digital warfare. They are generally sponsored by state or non-state individuals or groups. The defense cyberweapons are used to violate the privacy of people of any nation or to compromise their sovereignty. In addition, the defensive cyber weapons are in the form of viruses malware that can cause or protect against theft of intellectual property or the destruction of data and systems.

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The global cyber weapons market is expected to experience significant growth during the outlook period, due to rise in threats to critical infrastructure in vital sectors, including information technology and government. In addition, increase indefense spending coupled with the continued development of cyber weapons as a tool of war should acceleratesthe market growth.

COVID-19 scenario analysis

The global market for defensive cyber weapons is severely impacted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a decline in the economic growth in almost all the major countries, thus affecting consumer spending patterns.

Owing to the lockdown implemented across various countries, national and international transport have been hampered, which has significantly impacted the supply chain of numerous industries across the globe, thereby increasing the supply–demand gap.

Thus, insufficiency in raw material supply is expected to hamper the production rate of aircraft doors, which negatively impact the market growth.

The pandemic has generally exacerbated existing issues, such as budget constraints, questions around defense acquisitions, deteriorating relationships with allies and tensions among competitors.

The production may slow for the same reasons as in aircraft manufacturing, demand over the next two years is unlikely to be affected since budgets for these projects had been allocated before the pandemic and the projects are critical to national defense.

However, government around the world have allowed only few essential industries to operate until situation becomes favorable for resuming other business activities.

This situation is further expected to improve as government has started relaxing norms around the world for resuming business activities.

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Top impacting factors: market scenario analysis, trends, drivers, and impact analysis

Some of the factors that boost the growth of the global market include implementation of stringent cybersecurity regulations and rise in threats to critical infrastructure in vital sectors. However, despite soaring cybersecurity risks, cyber insurers grapple to gain traction, which is anticipated to hamper the growth of the market. Conversely, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI)and blockchain technology for risk analytics is expected to offer lucrative opportunities for the market during the forecast period.

The defensive cyber weapons market trends are as follows:

Stringent cybersecurity regulations

The government regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies worldwide have taken numerous initiatives to tighten data security and protection. With the advent of increasing curiosity of defense, the need for a cyber insurance policy has been realized by policyholders, brokers, insurers, and agents. Rapid digitization has led to tremendous growth in the rate of cyberattacks. The offensive use of cyber weapons by cybercriminals and the defensive use by law enforcement officials contribute toward market growth. Increase in the number of cyber problems is a national concern that has grown uncertainty. Hence, complex governance requirements and regulations in data security are expected to drive the adoption of the cyber insurance market in the future.

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Rise in threats to critical infrastructure in vital sectors

Increased defense spending coupled with the continued development of cyber weapons as a tool of war accelerate market growth. Military, paramilitary, and intelligence agencies penetrate through the enemy network using a cyber-weapon, essentially malware or a virus. In addition, surge in demand to violate the privacy of the target and ensure the sovereignty of the host country is expected to significantly boost the market growthduring the forecast period. This could further increase the demand for cyber weapons for security and military planning. Furthermore, surge in the usage of the internet in various applications is increasing cybercrime and related problems, resulting in a growing demand for cyber weapons worldwide and will further augment the growth of the defensive cyber weapons market during the forecast period.

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