Britons take to streets and go to parties after relaxing restrictions on Covid-19 – 07/19/2021 – World

A crowd of young people stormed British nightclubs in the early hours of Monday (19) to celebrate the end of most restrictions against Covid-19 in the country, which has been called by the British ‘Day of the freedom “.

Despite the euphoria, the UK is facing the worst time of the pandemic since January, with the number of new daily cases of the disease falling to the level of 50,000, the highest number of daily infections in Europe. Forecasts estimate that the number of new cases could reach 100,000 during the summer. The death toll, however, remains below 40 a day, still well below the more than 1,000 daily deaths the country recorded in January.

Concert halls and stadiums could reopen their doors on Monday at full capacity, and nightclubs are resuming their activities. In addition, social distancing and wearing a mask are no longer mandatory, although they continue to be recommended in transport and commercial establishments.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson took the next step in isolation, having had contact with Health Minister Sajid Javid, who had a confirmed diagnosis of the disease. However, the Prime Minister’s test has so far proven negative.

Johnson simply called for “caution” and ignored calls from a group of influential international scientists, who warned of the “risk of undermining efforts to fight the pandemic not only in the UK but also In other countries”.

Since midnight, when the restrictions were lifted, dawn has been stirring in the country’s capital. “I couldn’t dance indefinitely,” Georgia Pike, 31, said at a party in London. “I want to dance, I want to hear live music, I want the energy to be at a show, surrounded by people,” he said.

There were also those who feared the reopening. “I’m really excited, but at the same time I have a feeling that fate is imminent,” said Gat Cartmill, 26.

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