Governments from Saudi Arabia to India use Israeli spyware against journalists – 07/18/21 – Nelson de Sá

Headed by the Washington Post, French Le Monde, German Süddeutsche, Indian The Wire, Mexican Proceso, Israeli Haaretz and nine others, a report focusing on the French organization Forbidden Stories found that at least 180 journalists from 20 different countries were the target of “client governments” of the Israeli cyber-surveillance firm NSO. Spyware or spyware customers … Read more

Governments have used software to hack journalists and opponents’ cell phones, press consortium says – 07/18/2021 – World

Governments of at least ten countries are accused of using Israeli software to hack cell phones and illegally collect sensitive information about journalists, human rights activists, clerics, lawyers and academics, among others. The conclusions of the investigation began to be published on Sunday (18) by 17 media outlets from different countries, such as the British … Read more

“I can’t hold back the tears,” says Nobel Prize winner for literature, who is preparing a book on Belarus – 07/18/21 – World

Nobel Prize for Literature 2015, the Belarusian journalist and writer Svetlana Aleksievich, 73, is preparing a book on the protests against the dictatorship in her country and the violent repression of the regime of Alexander Lukashenko. Before repression took hold in Belarus, the writer’s project – who devoted herself to the literary reconstruction of historical … Read more

Cuban regime reacts and organizes protest with thousands in Havana – 07/18/2021 – World

The Communist Party of Cuba reacted to the repercussions of acts organized against the regime a week ago and called on thousands of supporters to demonstrate in the streets of Havana. They protested against the trade embargo imposed by the United States and reaffirmed their support for the Cuban revolution. The groups gathered in the … Read more

Terrifying and indescribable, says Merkel of flooding in Europe; there are 184 deaths – 07/18/2021 – World

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel on Sunday (18) visited regions affected by catastrophic flooding in recent days and pledged immediate financial assistance to affected families. The total death toll in Germany and Belgium, the two most affected countries, has risen to 184, according to the latest survey. “It’s terrifying,” Merkel told residents of Adenau, a … Read more

A former banker goes on hunger strike in the run-up to the Olympics to reconnect with his children – 07/18/2021 – World

A former banker at financial holding Nomura who quit his job to go on a hunger strike near the Olympic stadium in Tokyo hopes his health will be dangerously compromised when world leaders meet for the opening ceremonies next week. . Vincent Fichot, a 39-year-old Frenchman who was once a great specialist in derivatives, began … Read more

Back after surgery, Pope Francis prays for Cuba and asks the faithful to learn to rest – 07/18/21 – World

In his first public appearance since his release after ten days in hospital, Pope Francis invited the faithful on Sunday (18) to recognize the importance of rest and prayed for Cuba, South Africa and the affected European countries. by unprecedented rains last week. “Let us stop the frantic race dictated by our schedules. Let us … Read more