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The recent murder of a young Brazilian has awakened a monster in Spanish society.

Or a lot – which is not so bad. Come out of the closets, monsters.

On July 3 at 3 a.m., a Saturday post-Covid reopening, Samuel Luiz Muñiz, 24, born in Brazil and raised here by a Brazilian father and a Spanish mother, was talking animatedly on his cell phone during a video call, accompanied by a friend, on a busy street of bars in La Coruña, Galicia, when a couple pass by.

The guy – they say – had just been kicked out of the nearby club for outrageous bullshit with his girlfriend, who was with him at the time. He thinks he’s been filmed and, just after, he goes upstairs. The first war cry heard, according to witnesses, included the provocation: PUTO MARICÓN!

(“queer shit”, in free and painful translation)

A few days earlier, the country was colored for demonstrations and pride parties. Also a few days earlier, after many arguments, the draft of the so-called “trans law” was finally approved, which includes the rights of the LGBTQIA + collective.

More than a dozen guys joined the scene, summoned by the first. Investigators believe all of the attackers were friends and neighbors, estimated to be between 17 and 25 years old. Some are detained, others not yet.

Samuel was cornered by a shower of blows. Experts, analyzing footage from security cameras at the scene, calculate he attempted to dodge the hits for some 200 meters before falling to the ground and being killed by blows that resulted in a head injury . But you don’t even need a camera: there are plenty of witnesses.

As we say here: that of course.


With all of this exposure, it seems clear that, in addition to murder, the aggravating factor of hate crime should be included in the abusers’ narrative – in this case, with a homophobic motivation.

Sounds clear, but it’s not, folks.

Because it is revolt. Investigators and part of the Spanish press, as if they were handling the world’s most Swarowskian crystal glass with elephant legs, are reluctant to view Samuel’s murder as a homophobia-motivated crime, because, according to these investigators, it would be difficult to prove that the attackers they already knew Samuel and his sexual orientation.


Samuel Luiz Muñiz, killed in an attack in Spain (Reproduction / Facebook)

In recent days (perhaps in a genuine attempt to add a few drops to some iii), some editorials in the country’s “variopinta” media (I love that word, so loud) have put PapoReto aside in favor of a thousand theories creatives, interviews with “experts” of all luck and bad luck etc.

Some of these theories focus on breaking down the ‘motivating’ factors of the crime, such as the guy’s girlfriend (aaaah, women, those damned), the rich boy’s sad childhood (the identity of one of the main aggressors, known only as “Alvaro F.” or “Yumba”, his nickname, begins to surface), parties of the right and the left (it is true that Vox, the party of the ultra-right, counts 45,478,908 incitement to hatred against 41,835,708 collectives in its course), marijuana, hashish, another thousand drugs, alcoholism among young people, the endless subject of immigrants and the culture of violence with its video games and its films. success.

As this person said below, echoing the question of many:

Guys, let’s ask the three-year-old niece who I don’t have. She must know the answer.

Let’s really ask ourselves if kicking and punching a guy to death is always the fault of the company, the video game, the mashed potatoes.

Poor people who were forced to eat broccoli when they were kids. Perhaps this unforgivable torture spawned these twisted human beings with a thirst for revenge.

Most of those arrested so far for Samuel’s death have never committed a crime – it is known. But I do not agree.

I imagine their criminal attitudes started much earlier. In the first thought, in the first gesture of contempt for his neighbor, not to be considered as equal. Thin. How many pronouns will we need to use, how many flowcharts, living wheels, and tusks will we need to invent?

The two Senegalese who tried to break up the fight became micro-celebrities and even won the promise of an express regularization of government roles, hugs and thanks in front of the camera, etc. As if legalization were a price for the “good immigrant”. Hmm.

Be careful, this is not cool. But, guys… think about it. If, instead of an immigrant considered “exotic” (yes, let’s say the words by their names! Me, Brazilian, here I am considered “exotic” too, wait, I will get my bananas!), I was a local cis blanc, duvideodo that there would be all this condescending and typical act.

I don’t need a doctorate in abaporucicabas to dare to say: what a c *** circus bitch.


The other day I met a young man who appeared in all the newspapers here in Catalonia about a month ago. He had a glaring black eye on his mask and a gash in his eyebrow. Another homophobic crime.

He survived, yes. With a dislocated jaw, broken teeth and a dentist’s bill of 7,000 euros (around R $ 42,000) he still doesn’t know how to pay.

According to different Spanish associations linked to the LGBTQIA + collective, it is clear that there is an underreporting of cases of homophobia in the country.

The director of the Madrid Observatory against LGTBphobia estimates that only 30% or, “by extrapolating the data”, as he told a local newspaper, that even 2 to 5% of incidents reach institutional knowledge.

In addition, recent years have seen an increase in incidences. Among the reasons, there is the strengthening of the ultra-right discourse, materialized mainly in the Vox party, the third most powerful in the country, and the return to post-pandemic social life.

“Today I felt something that I had never felt before,” the black-eyed boy told me. “I was wearing a pink shirt, but when I left I was scared. Because of a thought that would never have occurred to me before: what if someone decides to attack me, by the color of my shirt? “

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