Pressure increases for intervention in “America’s backyard” – 07/15/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The Washington Post revealed that former Colombian soldiers involved in the assassination of the Haitian president were trained by the United States. The Miami Herald noted that the Colombian government confirms that they went to Haiti knowing it was a “mission to kill.” And the New York Times noted that the Haitian president’s security chief, now in prison, had visited Colombia several times previously.

But the US focus remains on Florida, where the operation was prepared, they say, noting requests from the FBI and others for clarification of “US links to death.”

The Wall Street Journal and the Politico site have pointed out that the pressure in Miami and Washington is for military intervention in both Haiti and Cuba.

And throughout Latin America, a “long neglected” region where “China and Russia gained influence as the US military prioritized the Middle East.” More resources are requested for Southern Command, recreated in Florida for actions in, according to Politico, “America’s backyard.”


Now it’s the Democrats pushing, but other Democrats are resisting, in vehicles like the same WP and Politico. In a detailed report, the Washington newspaper warns that the situation in Cuba and Haiti “could represent two migration crises.” And Homeland Security Secretary Joe Biden publicly declared “to Cubans and Haitians: don’t come to the United States.”

On CNN, the one who spoke out against “calls for intervention in Cuba and Haiti”, criticizing “the political pose of some in South Florida”, was Dan Restrepo, the former adviser to Barack Obama for the region. “The hard and simple truth,” he says, is that this will not happen.

Finally, Joe Biden himself said at a press conference: “The idea of ​​sending American forces to Haiti is not on the agenda at the moment.


At another press conference, between questions about Haiti and Cuba, State Department spokesman Ned Price was asked about Jair Bolsonaro’s attacks on the Brazilian electoral system, “without evidence”. Answer: “What we defend in the world is not exclusive to Brazil, it is free elections”.

When asked if the United States was not “patient” with Bolsonaro, who “follows Trump” about the elections, the response was, “I wouldn’t want to characterize what the Brazilian president says.”


Then asked about “Bolsonaro’s harassment of journalists” and, more specifically, his lawyer ‘s attack on UOL’s Juliana Dal Piva, the response was: “Well, in general, the Department is still concerned. when journalists are threatened “.

Finally, charged with the American priority to human rights, he declared that the United States will always defend them, “it is not exclusive to Brazil, it is not exclusive to any country”.

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