Argentinian court opens investigation against Macri for alleged shipment of arms to Bolivia – 07/16/2021 – world

The Argentine public prosecutor opened an investigation on Friday (16) to investigate an alleged shipment of arms and ammunition carried out by the administration of then-President Mauricio Macri in Bolivia in 2019 – the material was allegedly used to suppress supporters of Evo Morales, who had just ceded command of the country. The arms shipment … Read more

Humans’ relationship with marijuana is as old as agriculture in the east – 7/16/2021 – Science

The origins of marijuana (Cannabis sativa) go back to China 12,000 years ago, making the relationship between humans and plants as old as agriculture itself in the Far East. The conclusion comes from a study by Asian and European researchers, which also suggests that cannabis was originally domesticated as a polyvalent vegetable that was used … Read more

Unprecedented rains kill 117 in Europe, trigger climate change alert – 07/16/2021 – Worldwide

The number of people who died from flooding in Germany rose to 103 on Friday (16), according to the latest survey published by the authorities. The unprecedented rain – which also hits neighboring countries and kills 14 in Belgium – warns of the occurrence of extreme natural events as a consequence of climate change. Around … Read more

The data (right?) Lie – basic science

by Edgard Pimentel Correlations, causalities and wrong conclusions * A good strategy for getting information about the world and preparing for it is to observe. Check the weather and grab an umbrella, take a look around before crossing the street. We search for data, analyze and make decisions. The process sounds simple, but it is … Read more