Abroad, Lula starts filming in Bolsonaro – 07/13/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The pan-European news channel Euronews, based in France, interviewed former President Lula, highlighting passages such as “Bolsonaro is the result of a lie, a farce” and “more than half of those who have died in the country. Brazil [de Covid-19] are due to the irresponsibility of the government “:

Lula returns by saying that, “if the PT wants and other allies agree,” he is “fully available” to run against Bolsonaro, his target in other parts of the interview:

“It’s not between two sides, a right and a left. The polarization in Brazil is between fascism and democracy. I represent democracy because I’m from a democratic party with a history of very democratic governance. And Bolsonaro represents fascism. “


At the same time, the news warns against the statements of the current president. On the Financial Times homepage, “Bolsonaro Targets Election, Echoing Trump.” The Brazilian “attacks when he sees declining public and congressional support.”

And on the Washington Axios behind-the-scenes website, “Amid the vaccine scandal, Bolsonaro threatens to reject election results.” Both mark the rise of the former president until 2022. From the FT:

“A Datafolha poll showed that in the second round, Lula would have 58% of the vote, against 31% for Bolsonaro.”

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