Chancellor exonerates diplomat who was the study arm of Itamaraty Olavista stronghold – 12/07/2021 – world

On Monday (12), Chancellor Carlos França dismissed Minister Second Class Roberto Goidanich from the presidency of the Funag (Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation), the study and debate branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During Goidanich’s administration, the foundation became a stronghold of followers of writer Olavo de Carvalho and right-wing bloggers. Ambassador Márcia Loureiro, Brazilian Consul General in Los Angeles, United States, has been chosen to replace the diplomat. The exchange was published in the “Official Journal of the Union” on Monday, in decrees signed by the Minister of Civil House, General Luiz Eduardo Ramos.

Goidanich took over Funag in the management of Ernesto Araújo, sacked in March, at the head of Itamaraty. During the period, the organization promoted debates with pocket journalists such as YouTuber Bernardo Kuster and blogger Allan dos Santos. Conferences with conservative names began in 2019 and gained new momentum during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since taking over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France has changed the orientation of the ministry towards a pragmatic position. In his first speech after taking office in April, he pledged to engage Itamaraty in “real health diplomacy” and put sustainable development among the priorities of his administration, in a nod to Congress and in the United States by Joe Biden.

From the start, France signaled that it would make specific changes to the second level of Itamaraty.

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