US informants suspected of assassinating Haitian president, US broadcaster says – 12/07/2021 – World

Some of those suspected of murdering Haitian President Jovenel Moïse last week were informants from the DEA (US anti-drug agency) and FBI (US federal police), according to people familiar with the matter confided under cover of anonymity to CNN. One of those detained by Haitian police previously worked as an informant for the DEA, which … Read more

Cuba cuts the internet to prevent new protests organized by social networks – 12/07/2021 – World

A day after protesters took to the streets of Cuba during anti-government protests, the island’s regime cut the internet off from the population, and platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram were up and running on Monday (12 ) with instability – when they did. Organized by social media, the protests angered the government, which … Read more

It is an illusion to think that the repressive structure of Cuba is fragile, according to the political scientist – 12/07/2021 – World

For Cuban political scientist Javier Corrales, it is an illusion to think that the repressive power of the island’s regime is fragile, even if the demonstrations of last Sunday (11) were a surprise because of the number of people it has gathered in different cities of Cuba. Author of books such as “Fixing Democracy” (2018) … Read more

Venezuelan dictatorship intimidates Guaidó and arrests former opposition parliamentarian in twofold operation – 12/07/2021 – World

The Venezuelan dictatorship carried out two operations against opponents on Monday (12). In one of them, former parliamentarian Freddy Guevara was approached on the road to Prados del Este, in the Las Mercedes neighborhood of Caracas, and was arrested. In the other, Special Action Force (Faes) agents armed themselves in the garage of the building … Read more

Chancellor exonerates diplomat who was the study arm of Itamaraty Olavista stronghold – 12/07/2021 – world

On Monday (12), Chancellor Carlos França dismissed Minister Second Class Roberto Goidanich from the presidency of the Funag (Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation), the study and debate branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During Goidanich’s administration, the foundation became a stronghold of followers of writer Olavo de Carvalho and right-wing bloggers. Ambassador Márcia Loureiro, Brazilian … Read more

Comedy party draws government party in elections in Bulgaria – 12/07/2021 – world

With an anti-system campaign, Bulgarian singer and comedian Stanislav “Slavi” Trifonov, 54, won a strong vote for his populist This People Exists (ITN) party in Sunday’s parliamentary elections (11) and won a draw. with Gerb’s center-right coalition, by Boiko Borissov, 61. Borisov had his worst electoral result since 2010, when he became Prime Minister of … Read more