President’s assassination worsens condition of immigrants for Haitians in Brazil – 07/08/2021 – world

The assassination of the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, 53, shot dead at his home on Wednesday (7), is viewed with concern by Haitians living in Brazil. They fear that the growing wave of violence resulting from political instability in the Caribbean nation will strike relatives and friends and that returning to the country will … Read more

In fall, Bolsonaro threatens election, but US “isn’t paying attention” – 07/08/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Before Datafolha’s release, overseas coverage was already critical for the Brazilian president, with new editions of Der Spiegel, in Germany, and The Economist, in England, highlighting the impact of the new accusations and the rise in power of Lula. And, at first, “the threat of not recognizing the 2022 results”. In the United States, there … Read more

Brazil stays out of UN declaration on women’s reproductive rights – 07/08/2021 – world

Brazil was excluded from a declaration signed by 65 member countries of the United Nations (United Nations) on the sexual and reproductive rights of women. The document, read on Tuesday (6) by Monique van Daalen, the representative of the Netherlands on the body’s Human Rights Council, calls on countries to take measures to guarantee equal … Read more

Portugal to demand negative Covid result or full vaccination in restaurants and hotels – 07/08/2021 – World

With the cases of Covid-19 increasing dramatically, Portugal has decided to strengthen the control of access to restaurants and hotels. The measure aims to prevent further contagion and, at the same time, to preserve the functioning of the food and tourism sectors during the high season of the European summer. To be admitted to internal … Read more

With the honorary consul in Campinas, Lebanon expands its presence in Brazil – Orientalíssimo

The Lebanese government inaugurated on Monday (5) an honorary consulate in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo. The new office, which will be headed by Honorary Consul Miled El Khoury, is part of a project to expand Lebanon’s representation in Brazil. Lebanon already has an embassy in Brasilia and general consulates in São Paulo … Read more

Dutch journalist shot dead in central Amsterdam, attack sparks unrest – 08/07/2021 – World

A Dutch journalist specializing in criminal investigations was shot dead on Wednesday evening in Amsterdam and is in serious condition. Peter R. de Vries, 64, a famous Dutch TV presenter, was shot and killed on several occasions in a street in central Amsterdam around 7:30 p.m. (2:30 p.m. GMT). He left his workshop after attending … Read more

Kings of interactivity, science museums are reinventing themselves and bringing experiments into the digital world – 07/08/2021 – science

One of the main characteristics of science museums is interactivity – touch, hear and feel arouse curiosity in the visitor and encourage learning like a game. However, all of this is currently out of reach due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These institutions are among the most outstanding points of science dissemination – which is celebrated … Read more

Haiti goes through government succession crisis as it searches for the president’s assassins – 07/08/2021 – World

After declaring a battle against those responsible for the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, Haiti is heading towards a new crisis, this time around the name which should succeed the authoritarian leader killed on Wednesday (7). Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph was, in fact, the representative of the State. It was he who announced Moise’s … Read more