Linked to the real estate lobby, Eric Adams is set to become the 2nd black mayor of New York – 07/07/2021 – World

“Safety, security, security.” This is the response of mayoral candidate Eric Adams when asked, following his victory in the Democratic primary in New York, what his administration’s priorities are. The rise in violent crime for the first time in 30 years has undoubtedly boosted the campaign for the former policeman, who is set to win … Read more

Jacob Zuma, former president of South Africa, goes to prison – 07/07/2021 – Worldwide

Sentenced to 15 months in prison, former South African President Jacob Zuma surrendered to the police on Wednesday evening (7), informed the foundation that bears his name. “President Zuma has decided to execute the arrest warrant. He is about to surrender,” the Jacob Zuma Foundation wrote on its Twitter page. Zuma was convicted in the … Read more

Swedish Prime Minister resigns victorious post in Parliament – 07/07/2021 – Worldwide

Social Democratic leader Stefan Löfven was re-elected Prime Minister of Sweden by parliament on Wednesday (7), ending the eventful weeks which led to his resignation at the end of June. Support for Löfven’s return, however, was only 116 votes out of 349 seats, and he only emerged victorious because there was no clear majority against. … Read more

The UN has fulfilled its mission in Haiti, and instability is structural, says General Santos Cruz – 07/07/2021 – World

The former commander of the United Nations military mission in Haiti, General Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz, 69, says the Caribbean country is suffering the consequences of a narrow middle class, a chaotic justice system and a plethora of street gangs with ties to politicians. This is reflected, according to him, by the political instability … Read more

Will the United States change its relations with Russia? – 07/07/2021 – World

The system of world governance and international relations in general, which according to recent forecasts are liable to plunge into unpredictability, very quickly reach this condition. Like everything else in the global community, this trend is quite artificial. It was easy to achieve this: it was enough to remove the main means of international communication … Read more

Donald Trump announces lawsuits against Google, Facebook and Twitter – 07/07/2021 – Worldwide

In a new chapter in the clash between Donald Trump and major American technology companies, the former president said on Wednesday (7) that he had filed lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook and Google. The Republican said he also sued top leaders of the Big Three – Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai, respectively – on … Read more

Turbulence is normal state of Haitian politics, says Heleno on assassination of president – 07/07/2021 – World

After the death of the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, 53, Brazilian General Augusto Heleno, Minister of the GSI (Institutional Security Office), declared this Wednesday (7) that the turmoil is the normal state of politics in the country. “It’s very unpleasant. Another fact in the history of Haiti, which has been a very turbulent history … Read more

Extreme poverty makes stability unachievable in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere – 07/07/2021 – World

In 2004, then Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide left the country amid escalating violence from armed opposition groups. The crisis led to a military intervention via the UN mission (MINUSTAH), led by Brazil. Seventeen years later, the Caribbean country is plunged into a new political crisis with similar contours, now aggravated by the assassination of the … Read more

‘Banana Man’, president killed in Haiti faces protests even before taking office – 07/07/2021 – World

Killed at his home in the early hours of Wednesday (7), the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, had a career as a businessman, had no political experience before running for president and faced the torments even before starting his mandate. Known in the country as “Banana Man” (“Nèg Bannann”, in Haitian Creole), Moïse earned his … Read more