Delta disrupts Independence Day from virus in United States – 04/07/2021 – Nelson de Sá

As Mark Zuckerberg waved the US flag on Instagram, one of his global platforms, Joe Biden’s July 4th US coverage was embroiled in the growing threat of the Delta variant, which has ravaged India. .

In the New York Times statement, “Biden celebrates” his independence from the virus “although he did not meet the vaccination target.” On CNN, the headline online throughout the day was “Biden’s July 4th celebrations overshadowed by corrosive concerns for Delta.”

On NBC’s first talk show, Meet the Press, White House adviser Anthony Fauci changed his assessment and returned to the defense of the use of masks.

And on the Wall Street Journal homepage, “On July 4, Biden, vaccination rates plummeted and the highly transmissible Delta variant is spreading.” is a red flag for what could happen this summer in other parts of the United States.


In the Chinese Global Times, “the Taliban seize the key district of Kandahar, its former stronghold” in Afghanistan. In Russian Argumenty i Fakty, “Over 300 Afghan soldiers forced to flee to Tajikistan” after the Taliban took control of border towns.

And the Pentagon’s Stars and Stripes reports that “the Biden government has called on Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to give refuge to 9,000 Afghans who worked for US forces” during the two decades of occupation of the United States. Afghanistan.

The Washington Post criticized Biden in an op-ed, while Japan’s Nikkei and others fear a repeat of the “horror” that has plagued local allies left by the United States in Southeast Asia in the years. 1970.

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