Trump and Bolsonaro’s accomplices who keep silent cannot have peace – 06/30/2021 – Lúcia Guimarães

How many have blood on their hands? How many of those with blood on their hands will be freed? And how many more will continue to be welcome in the restaurants frequented by the elites of Brasilia and Washington?

The cowardly, anti-Christian silence of Carlos Wizard Martins, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, may be constitutionally protected, but it runs counter to the tenets of the religion in which he has been taught. been appointed missionary.

Carlos Wizard confuses Mormons, whose teachings emphasize honesty, integrity, and obedience to the law. Mormons do not advocate participating in a criminal shadow government, promoting disease and quackery death, or traveling to the United States and getting the Pfizer vaccine, while their compatriots die because their accomplices denied them the same vaccine.

Among American conservatives, Mormon senators were the first to stand out from Republican Party evangelicals when Donald Trump campaigned for notorious pedophile Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate. We owe them the initial push to block Moore in 2018.

The silence of white American evangelicals in the face of the depravity of a president accused – credibly – of rape and sexual harassment was deafening, a parody of Christianity. And it only increased when the same president locked children in border cages, celebrated support for neo-Nazis, demonized religions, racial groups, and, finally, promoted the deaths of Americans, lying about the pandemic, taking measures that make it responsible for much of the 604,000 deaths.

What is the difference between the silence of those who watched the massive death march from the halls of the White House and the silence of award-winning and legendary journalist Bob Woodward?

On February 7, 2020, Trump confessed to Woodward by telephone about the severity of the coming pandemic, while continuing to ridicule epidemiologists’ alerts and sabotage emergency measures. Woodward hid the secrecy from the public for seven months until he published his bestselling book “Anger”, Behind the Scenes of the Crisis.

And what about the silence of the ultra-conservative John Bolton, former National Security adviser? When he left, Bolton made $ 2 million (9.97 million reais) for sharing what he knew in a book and saved all the foreign policy dirt from Trump for publishing his memoir. Thus, he did not testify in the first impeachment process of the current former president, which was initiated precisely because of the mess of foreign policy.

The silence of two former ministers of justice, evangelical Sérgio Moro and Methodist trumpeter Jeff Sessions, is immoral and anti-Christian. Both were privileged members and witnesses of governments that have committed crimes. They don’t need to open the Bibles they use to cover up their hypocrisy to know that not doing the right thing is a sin of omission.

Everything indicates that this Thursday (1) the Trump Organizations and their financial director, Allen Weisselberg, will be indicted in a New York court for tax offenses, minor faults given the wave of crime that marked the four years of the last Republican presidency.

At this time, there is no indication that Trump may ever wear an orange jumpsuit. But the destruction he started in 2017 and emulated by Bolsonaro, starting in 2019, will not be mended with handcuffs alone. Those who are silent cannot have peace.

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