Until date of founding of Communist Party of China becomes the subject of dispute – 6/29/2021 – world

The Chinese Communist Party was founded in a Shanghai gangster region a hundred years ago. Life in the so-called French concession, an area of ​​great police corruption, was conducive to criminal activity in the metropolis, which already had 1.7 million inhabitants and had become a major center of opium trafficking. A prominent mafioso of the … Read more

The “heat dome” that broke temperature records in the United States and Canada – 29/06/2021 – World

Canada recorded its highest temperature in history as the western part of the country and the northwestern United States face an unprecedented heat wave. In Lytton, British Columbia, thermometers hit 46.6 ° C on Sunday (27), surpassing the record 84 years ago, officials said. A phenomenon called thermal dome or dome (high static pressure that … Read more

China opens commemoration with show bringing together Mao, Deng and Xi – 06/29/2021 – Nelson de Sá

CCTV, China’s leading news broadcaster, spent 19 minutes on “The Great Journey” Monday night (28) at Beijing’s Bird’s Nest. It can be seen on the main Chinese long video platform, Bilibili, and already on YouTube (below). The performance, which was not broadcast live, featured passages from 100 years of the Communist Party, with Xi Jinping … Read more

Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary celebration moves from theme park to red tourism – 6/29/2021 – world

On the eve of the centenary of its founding, the Chinese Communist Party is preparing for a series of ceremonies aimed at praising the legend’s history and honoring those who fill its ranks. And, for the first time, members of the acronym base received what leaders touted as the party’s greatest honor: the July 1 … Read more

Among the photos of the “terrible” Brazil, the outer cover reads “guilty” – 06/29/2021 – Nelson de Sá

On a double page spread (below), the New York Times published on Tuesday (29) the photo report it posted a few days ago, now titled “In Brazil, a price more terrible every day”. Accompanying the photos of Mauricio Lima, the text focuses on the critique of Jair Bolsonaro’s performance. In the print version, he points … Read more

On the occasion of the centenary of the Communist Party, the crackdown in Hong Kong warns of zero tolerance in China by Xi – 29/06/2021 – World

A symbol of the Chinese model of interacting with the world during Deng Xiaoping’s command of the mainland dictatorship, Hong Kong has become a glittering billboard of zero tolerance and self-confidence for the Communist Party, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this Thursday. years (1), under Xi Jinping. Jimmy, a young 24-year-old architect, knows this … Read more

bad with her, worse without her – basic science

By Luiz Augusto Campos The system as a whole cannot be judged by the cases it overlooks. * The following article is a replica of the text “The Invisible Clothing of Peer Review” by Olavo Amaral published on June 19th. Earlier techniques, expressions such as “peer-reviewed article” or “work available in preprint” can now be … Read more