The NGO Médecins Sans Frontières suffers setbacks in a few weeks with deaths and attacks – 28/06/2021 – World

Last week was marked by setbacks for the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières, which provides humanitarian aid in more than 70 countries. The organization had three collaborators murdered and, to protect other members from the violence unleashed by armed conflict, it has withdrawn to two countries in which it has operated for decades. This Monday (28), … Read more

Gay Pride Day: countries where it is illegal to be homosexual – 06/28/2021 – Worldwide

There are 69 countries in the world that have laws that criminalize homosexuality – and almost half of them are in Africa. However, in some of these countries steps have been taken to decriminalize same-sex unions. In February this year, Angolan President João Lourenço sanctioned a review of the Penal Code to allow same-sex relationships … Read more

Mexican Supreme Court decriminalizes recreational use of marijuana – 06/28/2021 – World

Mexico’s Supreme Court decriminalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults in a ruling this Monday (28). The court ruled, by 8 favorable votes among the 11 magistrates, unconstitutional the articles of the general law on health which prohibited consumption. “Today is a historic day for freedoms,” said court president Arturo Zaldívar. “After a long … Read more

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines create immunity to Covid that can last for years, according to the study – 06/28/2021 – Balance and Health

Vaccines from US pharmaceutical companies Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna create a stubborn reaction in the body that could protect against the coronavirus for years, scientists reported on Monday (28). The results add to the growing evidence that most people immunized with mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines may not need a boost as long as the … Read more

Irregular Brazilians in Portugal report difficulties with Covid-19 vaccination – 06/28/2021 – World

Although the government of Portugal has announced free access to the Covid-19 vaccine for immigrants (regularized or not), foreigners living in the country report difficulties in accessing the immunizing agent. In support groups on social networks and in consultation with support associations, reports of foreigners having difficulty getting vaccinated are recurrent. The problems were admitted … Read more