United States passes “historic milestone” in death, “a third under Joe Biden” – 06/15/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Ultimately, the New York Times headlined the 600,000 killed by Covid-19, with the addition “despite vaccine progress.”

He said deaths “have dropped significantly” since January. “However, the coronavirus is still present for those who have known the hundreds who die daily.”

The Wall Street Journal and even Fox News have gone in the same direction, noting that the “historic milestone” comes after a “significant slowdown” from 3,300 daily deaths in January to 382 in Monday (14), on seven-day averages. .

Other vehicles have been more critical, in the context of current events. The number comes “at a time when a dangerous new strain is on the rise,” CNN noted. The NPR radio network stressed that the death toll is “higher than in any other country.” And Newsweek tried not to relieve the Democratic president:

“Covid-19 deaths in the United States exceed 600,000, a third under Joe Biden. “


In the UK, also because of the Delta variant, “first identified in India”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has postponed the release of the lockdown for at least a month.

As shown by the BBC, The Times of London, The Telegraph (video above) and others, a protest against the decision led to the headquarters of a BBC journalist, who had to run, in the street where the seat of government is located. Johnson, a journalist by birth, condemned the “infamous persecution”.


Emphasizing the “lack of consensus” within NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) with respect to China, the Politico site quoted French President Emmanuel Macron: “We must not confuse our objectives. organization concerns the North Atlantic, China has little to do with the North Atlantic. “

And German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “It has to do with the fact that the United States is also a nation of the Pacific.”


“I want to congratulate Jair Bolsonaro,” tweeted US Secretary of State Antony Blinken of Brazil’s entry into the “NASA-led” space program which aims to “promote our belief in democracy, the rule of law, science, transparency, human rights “.

These were indirect references to China, not Brazil.


Edward Snowden, the former agent who exposed America’s global digital espionage, made his debut on the journalism platform Substack, with the illustration above and with the aim of “rekindling the spirit of the Slower and more thoughtful pre-commercial internet, as opposed to the “blood.” Encouraged by Facebook and Twitter.

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