EU lifts sanctions against Belarus; neighbor sees growing provocation – 16/06/2021 – World

The 27 member countries of the European Union agreed on Wednesday (16) to sanction 78 other people and 7 entities from Belarus, due to the interception of a Ryanair commercial flight to arrest journalist Roman Protassevich, who criticizes the dictatorship Belarusian. Details of travel bans, financial transfers and asset freezes have yet to be released, … Read more

Planalto bets on the pragmatism of the new Israeli government to maintain an alliance – 16/06/2021 – Worldwide

Benjamin Netanyahu’s departure from power in Israel has deprived President Jair Bolsonaro of another ally on the international stage, but the Brazilian government does not believe the country’s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, will act to radically distance himself from Brazil . The Brazilian leader’s advisers heard by Folha believe that Bennett should take a … Read more

Europe predicts ‘downward spiral’ in relations with Russia – 16/06/2021 – World

Relations between the European Union and Russia are in a “negative spiral”, declared Wednesday (10) the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, during the launch of a foreign policy strategy towards screw of the rival country. According to the principal person in charge of the foreign policy of the European Union, Josep … Read more

Russia, a former space superpower, will carry out missions with the help of China – 06/16/2021 – Science

63 years ago the Soviet Union brought the first artificial satellite Sputnik into space. Almost four years later, it sent the first human into orbit, Yuri Gagarin. After that, the country was overtaken by the US space agency NASA in the space race, but even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia remained a … Read more

China responds to G7 support for Taiwan with biggest air incursion to date – 16/06/2021 – world

In retaliation for the G7 declaration defending Taiwan, the Chinese government has carried out the largest foray of military planes into the island’s airspace in its history. “We will never tolerate attempts at independence or reckless intervention in the Taiwan question by foreign forces, so we must react firmly to these acts of collusion,” said … Read more