Peruvian car wash prosecutor requests preventive detention of Keiko Fujimori – 06/10/2021 – Mundo

Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, who works in the Peruvian team of Lava Jato, asked Judge Víctor Zúñiga Urday to revoke the measure granting provisional release to Keiko Fujimori. Now, the prosecutor wants a new preventive detention to be determined for the candidate for the presidency of Peru.

Keiko, who is seeking in court to overturn the small difference she was defeated in the dispute with leftist Pedro Castillo, is accused of money laundering and receiving cash and bribes. wine in his election campaigns. She was jailed for over a year while the investigation was ongoing.

Pérez said the request was made because “Fujimori is not respecting the stated restriction not to communicate with witnesses in his case.” He says there is “public and notorious” evidence of contact with MP Miguel Torres Morales, also accused and with whom Keiko has been banned from speaking.

The setback comes just as the vote count draws to a close. With more than 99.99% of the ballot boxes selected, Castillo claims 50.20% preference of the Peruvian population, against 49.79%.

In the afternoon of Wednesday (9), Keiko made a new statement in which she pointed to allegations of irregularities committed by supporters of Castillo, which, according to the candidate, would constitute “systematic fraud”. She also submitted requests to challenge several voting records to the national election jury.

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