Prosecutor denounces Bolsonaro’s special advisor for crime of racism – 06/09/2021 – World

The federal prosecution denounced the presidency’s special adviser for international affairs, Filipe Martins, accused of the crime of racism.

It has been proven, according to the prosecutor’s office, that Presidential assistant Jair Bolsonaro, in making a gesture identified as racist during a Senate session in March, “acted intentionally and was aware of the content, meaning and of illegality “.

Martins will respond in accordance with the Racial Crimes Act for having “practiced and induced racial discrimination and prejudice”.

When defending himself on the case, he said he had no intention and was only adjusting his suit. Folha contacted the presidency, but there was no response.

In the article dated Tuesday (9), the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office declared that Martins’ conduct was aggravated by the violation of the functional duty inherent in the public service he exercises.

At the end of the procedure, which will be dealt with by the 12th Federal Court of Brasilia, he can be sentenced to a prison sentence – the sentence can reach five years -, to the payment of a minimum fine of R $ 30,000 and to the loss of public service.

The international adviser was caught making the gesture behind the back of the President of the House, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG).

The attorney general clarified that the gesture made by Martins is used by extremist movements linked to the idea of ​​white supremacy, referring to the expression “white power”.

There are three outstretched fingers symbolizing the letter “w”, referring to the word “white” (white). The circle formed represents the letter “p”, for “power”. That is, the symbol symbolizes “white power”.

“It is neither credible nor fortuitous that so many symbols linked to extremist groups were naively employed by the accused during several months during which he occupied a position of power in the structure of the federal public administration, nor that his association with extremist groups and ideas has been coincidental on so many occasions, ”prosecutors said in the complaint.

“White supremacy is an inherently racist ideology because it presupposes and advocates the preeminence of white-skinned people over others, especially blacks, Latinos and Asians.”

During his testimony on the case, he said that “there was no specific intention [no gesto], while he was adjusting his costume ”.

He further stated that “there was no symbology related to an ideological problem or a purpose offensive to anyone” and also cited “that the gesture was unintentional”.

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