Exhibition on refugee journalists arrives at Memorial, São Paulo – 06/09/2021 – Worldwide

After four months of exhibition at the Immigration Museum, the exhibition “Who is telling this story: refugee journalists or refugee journalists? arrives at Memorial da América Latina, in Barra Funda, São Paulo. The exhibition, which opens this Thursday (10) at noon, is the result of a partnership between Folha and the UNHCR (United Nations High … Read more

“We have now lost Peru,” Bolsonaro says of Castillo’s likely election – 06/09/2021 – World

President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) criticized on Wednesday (9) the probable new president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, who heads the counting of votes in the elections in the neighboring country. In a cult, Bolsonaro said it was “just a miracle” to undo Castillo’s victory and called him “a guy from Foro de São Paulo”. “We … Read more

Congressmen react to Fernández, Kátia Abreu calls Argentinian “Bolsonaro porteño” – 06/09/2021 – World

Argentinian President Alberto Fernández’s statement that Brazilians came from the jungle provoked reactions among deputies and senators this Wednesday (4) in Brasilia. CRE (Foreign Affairs Committee) Senate President Kátia Abreu (PP-TO) compared Fernández to President Jair Bolsonaro (no party). “I will not comment on what the Bolsonaro of Buenos Aires vomited. Brazil and Argentina suffer … Read more

Russia bans Navalni organization a week before Putin-Biden summit – 06/09/2021 – world

On Wednesday (9), the Russian court banned the two organizations linked to Alexei Navalni, qualifying them as “extremists” and effectively liquidating the work of the loudest opponent of Vladimir Poutine. Indeed, the decision came a week before the Russian president met his American counterpart, Joe Biden, at the first summit of the two leaders in … Read more

Success in the fight against Covid makes New Zealand the best city in the world to live – 06/09/2021 – World

One of the first countries in the world to impose containment and close its borders during the coronavirus pandemic, New Zealand has become a benchmark in the fight against Covid-19 and reopened its economy before most of the world. With this, its inhabitants returned to a more normal life. This success allowed the largest city … Read more

How would you respond to Fernández’s statement that a Brazilian came from the jungle? – 06/09/2021 – Panel of readers

During a meeting this Wednesday morning (9) with the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, in Buenos Aires, the Argentine President, Alberto Fernández, declared that “the Mexicans came from the Indians, the Brazilians, from the jungle, and we arrived in boats [da Europa]”. Then he voted: “My [sobrenome] Fernandez is proof of that. “ The Argentine … Read more

Going from Crivella to embassy in South Africa still depends on Supreme Court – 06/09/2021 – World

In another nod to the evangelical base, President Jair Bolsonaro has appointed the former mayor of Rio de Janeiro and former senator Marcelo Crivella as head of the Brazilian embassy in South Africa, but it depends external and legal factors. The consultation on Crivella’s name was made by a secret expedient and Brazilian authorities are … Read more

Find out who Litto Nobia is, author of the racist sentence uttered by Fernández on Brazil – 06/09/2021 – World

The racist statement of Argentine President Alberto Fernández this Wednesday (9), according to which “Mexicans came from the natives, the Brazilians, from the jungle, and we [os argentinos], we arrived on boats from Europe, ”is part of a song by 72-year-old singer-songwriter Litto Nebbia. The phrase was mistakenly attributed by the Argentine ruler to Mexican … Read more