Exit, Netanyahu government allows right-wing nationalists to march in Jerusalem – 06/08/2021 – world

The Israeli government has authorized a march by right-wing nationalist activists in Jerusalem next week, as announced on Tuesday (8) by the departing office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The confirmation comes after the organizers canceled the event, originally scheduled for Thursday (10), for failing to obtain police clearance. There were security concerns due to the road, which would pass through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The route generated threats from the Palestinian group Hamas of further escalation of tensions if the act was upheld. This Tuesday, however, the government authorized its holding on June 15. The press release, published at the end of a meeting of the security cabinet, specifies that the planned act will take place according to a route determined by the police and the organizers of the event.

Originally, the march was held on May 10, but was interrupted by a rocket fired by Hamas towards Jerusalem, triggering the conflict between the Palestinian group and Israel which lasted for 11 days and ended. by a cease-fire.

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