Brazilian doctor detained in Egypt returns to Brazil, adviser says – 06/06/2021 – World

Brazilian doctor Victor Sorrentino, detained in Egypt for a sexual offense, has left the country and has already arrived in Brazil. The information was confirmed by the family press service.

The comeback came two days after Sorrentino posted a new video on his social media in which the vendor targeted by the sexual innuendos claimed to accept the Brazilian’s apology.

Sorrentino and the saleswoman are both shown in the recording, posted to the doctor’s social media on Friday (4) – the woman, however, has her image blurry.

In the file, the doctor said he was wrong to make an unauthorized recording and use “swear words”. He apologizes to the seller, who says he accepts them, adding that the Egyptian people are very hospitable and welcome visitors from all over the world.

Brazilian Victor Sorrentino has been arrested in Egypt on a domestic sex offense after posting a video on his social media in which he offends the papyrus seller inside a store.

In the video, Sorrentino appears speaking in Portuguese with the papyrus seller. “You really like tough guys, don’t you?” », Asks the doctor. “Long is good too, isn’t it?” The long papyrus.

Without understanding the language, the Muslim saleswoman says yes, smiles and is taunted by the doctor and his Brazilian companions.

With the repercussion of the episode, the doctor had already apologized and justified himself, saying he was “very playful”. With nearly a million followers, Sorrentino has made his Instagram profile private after the controversy.

As a report by Folha showed, Sorrentino offered consultations in Portugal without having his medical degree validated in the European country. Each consultation costs up to 350 euros (approximately R $ 2,100).

In addition to promoting the services in Lisbon and Porto via social networks, Sorrentino also had a space dedicated to making appointments in Portugal on its website.

The doctor is also in favor of the so-called early treatment of Covid-19 and has given interviews defending hydroxychloroquine, a drug deemed ineffective against the disease.

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