With Sinovac Approved, China Claims “Leadership Role” – 01/06/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the “breaking news” at the top of the Wall Street Journal, “Sinovac is endorsed by the World Health Organization to bring vaccines to the developing world.”

Also in the New York Times, with a video (reproduction below), “There is an dire need for vaccines in areas like India, Southeast Asia and South America” ​​and Coronavac now “could be included in Covax”, a program that had skated.

It has also been featured in Caixin, the South China Morning Post, and the Global Times – which editor-in-chief Hu Xijin wrote on social media about Sinovac and Sinopharm, also endorsed:

“These two vaccines are the most widely used in the world, especially in developing countries. They are the symbol of China at the forefront of the global fight against the epidemic.

The nationalist tabloid linked to the PC opened its text by stressing that “While the United States makes promises, without concrete measures, China plays a leading role in supporting the global fight against the pandemic”.


The same three Chinese newspapers reported the advance of variants of the coronavirus, particularly the Indian variant, in southern China itself, with areas already “closed” in Guangzhou.

With the emergency in Asia, according to data compiled by the University of Oxford, vaccination in China would be nearly 20 million doses applied daily.


Indians like Dainik Jagran, the tallest in the country, with the image above, and Economic Times highlighted the virtual meeting of the chancellors of the Brics group in which the five countries, including Brazil, supported the project of India and South Africa to suspend the patent on vaccines against Covid.

Russia and China have also reportedly supported Brazil and India’s demand to reform the UN Security Council.


The news is still not in the main American newspapers, but the European headlines continue to accuse the United States of the scandal of espionage of the leaders of the European Union, through a hidden deal with Denmark.

“Macron and Merkel want ‘all the clarity’ on NSA spying,” Frenchman Le Monde said. In the US media, an exception is Bloomberg, “Macron demands to know if the US is still spying on EU leaders”

The G7 summit is 11.


The widespread price hike made headlines throughout Tuesday by the WSJ, Financial Times and German financial firm Handelsblatt.

The WSJ also underlined “How do you know when inflation is here to stay” and the FT: “A new economic era: is inflation back? “

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