Show in Paris brings together thousands of people for a Covid-19 test event – 05/31/2021 – Illustrated

Nearly 5,000 people danced together to the rhythm of Indochina — the French group that became famous in the 1980s — this Saturday (30), in Paris. The event was part of a local scientific study into the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The audience for the show did not have to keep their distance, but were forced to wear masks.

During the performance, one of the group members, Nikolas Sirkis, asked the audience to “make noise” for the health workers, the scientists and also to pay tribute to “all those who have been killed by the Covid-19 “.

This experiment, which has already taken place in other regions of Europe, has been postponed several times in France, and is now taking place at a time when the health situation is improving and the vaccine is about to be offered to all adults in the country. .

At the moment in France this type of event is allowed, but as long as the distance of four square meters between people is respected, which has made a series of other events financially unsustainable.

This Saturday’s broadcast seeks to investigate the contagion of the virus in the country. Before the event, spectators will have a negative diagnostic test and will be analyzed for the next few weeks.

The public was between 18 and 50 years old and could not present any pathology that would lead to the risk of death in the event of infection with Covid-19, such as diabetes or severe obesity.

“It’s been months since we have done a show. Seeing the crowd again is good, it brings joy to life,” said Lois, a lab technician who managed to sit close. from the scene.

Previous experiences, in Spain and the UK, have not shown a high risk of infection after test events.

But the encouraging results of the first European test fair, held in Barcelona in December, are difficult to extrapolate because of the “strict” prevention conditions that have been imposed, warns a study published on Friday (29).

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