Due to lack of audience, Trump suspends his blog launched 1 month ago – 02/06/2021 – World

Banned from Twitter and Facebook, former US President Donald Trump decided on Wednesday (2) to suspend his new blog – launched just a month ago and announced as a new communication platform.

According to information from the New York Times, the Republican was frustrated to hear from friends that the site attracted few readers and made it appear “small and irrelevant.”

The website, which reportedly cost a few thousand dollars, was designed to be a channel for supporters to access and communicate with the former president’s press releases.

In the promotional launch video, the blog was touted as a “beacon of freedom” that appears “in a time of silence and lies”. “A place to speak freely and safely. Directly from Donald J. Trump’s office.”

However, after The Washington Post drew attention to the lack of readers, Trump said the blog was only a stopgap solution while he decided what to expect.

“It was seen as a temporary way to present my thoughts and ideas to the public without false news,” he said in a statement. “It’s just a means of communication until I decide to choose or create a platform.”

According to the NYT, part of the Republican’s small group of advisers did not approve the decision to shut down the blog. Others have tried to turn the change into something positive.

Jason Miller, for example, wrote on Twitter that the decision preceded Trump’s entry into another social network. “Stay connected!” He invited his followers.

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