“Boy, these things change quickly”, ironically Tucker Carlson – 05/27/2021 – Nelson de Sá

It started two months ago, with the Australian newspaper reporting that researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were “hospitalized with symptoms compatible with Covid in November 2019”. But it went unnoticed.

This week, the culmination of a series of minor articles in the US press, the Wall Street Journal reprinted the article as “exclusive”, taken from a “US intelligence report”, with information “provided by a international partner “.

He noted that this “could give weight to requests for investigation to find out whether the virus may have escaped the lab.”

In the evening, conservative Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson could barely contain his laughter. “Boy, these things are changing quickly. Now it looks like the virus came from the lab in China. Almost a year and a half is the new media consensus.”

The sarcasm was due to the coincidence of the change with the passage of the Donald Trump administration, which has been criticized for saying the same thing, to the Joe Biden administration. The former president commented on his website (above).

Carlson complained that there was still a lack of “full investigation by the US government”. And that’s what Biden announced next, jumping to the New York Times online headline.

Liberal Matthew Yglesias of the Substack Platform reacted like Carlson to the newspaper’s transformation, warning readers: “I’m sorry, but now the lab leaks are liberal orthodoxy.”

A little more and, via agencies, “Facebook lifts the ban on posts that say the Covid came from a Chinese laboratory”.


On the WSJ house, with a photo, “Covid-19 kills hundreds of pregnant women and babies in Brazil”. Below, “Doctors face tough decisions about when to give birth prematurely.”


Along with the so-called “The United States is Back to 5G Gaming” and the illustration above, the WSJ published that the “Campaign to Paralyze Huawei” is also reaching Europeans Ericsson and Nokia and reviving Americans, almost extinct. Highlights JMA Wireless, of Syracuse, upstate New York.


From the South China Morning Post (pictured above, from Reuters) to the China Daily and Global Times, the Chinese English-language press has highlighted the port of Shanghai and its “fully automated operations.” The terminal is now preparing to equip cranes and other giant robots, controlled by the 5G hood, with hydrogen batteries.

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