Fast Paced Growth in End use Adoption after COVID 19 pandemic to Propel Fresh Yeast Market Revenue Growth

Yeast is single-celled fungi which are eukaryotic, classified as a member of the fungus kingdom. Yeast, also known as Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, is famously being used as a fermenting agent or leavening agent. Fresh yeasts are widely used in food, beverage, and animal feed and pet food industry. The research demonstrates the consumption and opportunities in the fresh yeasts market at regional and country level market scenario. Research report includes key insights, in-depth market analysis, market dynamics, value and volume forecast of fresh yeasts, and opportunities for fresh yeasts manufacturers operating at the regional and country level market. Yeast is considered a low shelf life product, which has large-scale application in the food and beverage industry. The rise in consumption of bakery and alcoholic beverages has been driving the demand for fresh yeast products in the global market. Owing to a rise in the demand for the product, most of the major shareholding manufacturers are now strategizing on increasing their production capacities and strengthening their distribution channel in the fresh yeasts market.

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Rising Demand for Fresh Yeast in Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are widely consumed around the world through its demand is settled in North America and Western European countries, but its demand is increasing in Asia Pacific countries. This increased rate of consumption of alcohol has witnessed significant growth, both, in developing countries. Among the alcoholic beverages, beer, whiskey, and wine are being consumed at a higher rate compared to other beverages. The industrialization of production, and globalization of marketing, and promotion of alcohol have been driving the global sales of alcoholic beverages. Fresh yeast is one of the main ingredients that is being used in the production of most alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, whiskey, etc. There are two main types of yeast that are being used – ale yeast and lager yeast. Fresh yeast provides the right proportion of texture and flavor to beer during its production. Resultant, a rise in the demand and consumption of such alcoholic beverages has been driving the demand for the yeast market on a global level.

Demand for Fermented Food & Beverages Paving the Way for Yeast Market Growth

Fermented foods contain microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast that use the nutrients in the food as an energy source, which results in the transformation of food which contains organic acids and other compounds having several critical health benefits. A rise in the awareness of the health benefits associated with the consumption of fermented food is one of the marquee factors driving the demand for the product. Fresh yeast is one of the ingredients used on a large scale in the production of such fermented food and beverage products. Over the forecast period, the fermented food & beverage market is expected to grow at a high growth rate in terms of value sales. Food products such as yogurt, probiotic foods, and some traditional Asian foods have been fast gaining traction among the target consumers around the world, especially in North America and the Asia Pacific. As a result, the rise in the demand for fermented food products has been driving the demand for fresh yeast in the global market.

Opportunities in the Global Fresh Yeast Market

In terms of value, the global fresh yeast market is expected to exhibit an incremental opportunity of US$ 1.4 Bn by 2026 end over 2018. By form, the organic fresh yeast segment is projected to grow at high CAGR owing to increasing consumption of organic food and beverages in U.S., U.K, France, Germany, Italy, and other Western European countries. On the other side, the demand for fresh yeast is increasing at a higher pace in the Asia Pacific and Latin American countries owing to increasing demand for food and alcoholic beverage industry in these regions. On the basis of form segment that includes powder and liquid fresh yeasts, the demand for liquid fresh yeasts is projected to expand at a volume CAGR of 5.3% in the global fresh yeasts market.

Increasing Preference for Natural and Fresh Yeast among Food Manufacturers

Europe has been considered as the dominant region for bakery products. The region has witnessed a rise in the consumption of bread and cakes over the past couple of years. In addition, fresh yeasts also uphold the majority of market share in the North America region. Currently, the demand for fresh yeast in these regions is of natural fresh yeasts ingredients. The factors pushing the demand for fresh yeast in the developed regions is of minimally processed, healthy, natural, organic, fresh yeast as it brings natural taste and also suitable for the consumer seeking for vegetarian food products. In these regions, consumers are willing to pay more for food and beverage products that claim that they are natural, clean, minimally processed and formulated to offer quality and natural taste. Furthermore, the influence of fresh yeast in the Asia Pacific market is increasing in the bakery, savory, snacks, and other food products owing to the prevalence of westernization food culture. Fresh yeast has a high demand in the alcoholic beverage industry of Asia Pacific and Latin American market.

fresh yeast market

Analysis of the Global Fresh Yeast Market by Region

Fresh yeast is one of the most common forms of fresh yeast consumed in the global yeast market and especially in bakery products. On the basis of a regional segment, fresh yeast market is segmented on the basis of North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. At a regional level, North America and European market hold more than 70% market value share in the global fresh yeast market. On the other side, the demand for fresh yeast is increasing at a higher growth rate in the Asia Pacific and Latin America countries including China, India, Brazil, and other ASEAN countries. At the regional level, Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market in terms of value and volume in the global fresh yeast market. Though the Middle East and Africa accounts minority of share in the global market; the demand for fresh yeast is increasing in GCC and South Africa.

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