What would you say to the Pope after a joke, about Brazilians having no salvation? – 05/26/2021 – Reading panel

On Wednesday (26), after the end of the general audience at the Vatican, Father João Paulo Souto Victor, of the Diocese of Campina Grande (PB), met Pope Francis and asked the Brazilians for a blessing. In a relaxed manner, the pontiff smiled and pulled:

“You have no salvation. You drink a lot of cachaça and pray little.”

The video, recorded by a colleague, quickly went viral on the networks. For the Brazilian priest, the declaration demonstrates Francisco’s ability to surprise us: “After playing, he made the sign of the cross on my forehead,” he says.

If you were in the Vatican (and could speak Italian), what would your response to the Pope be? Enter the Folha Answers contest! Send the email to [email protected]. We will publish the most creative!

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