Poles of the Crime Office – 05/26/2021 – Lúcia Guimarães

The cowardice of the bully is predictable. The retail pocket narist is like the kindergarten bully tormenting the shy classmate at recess and, when confronted, seeks refuge under mom’s skirt.

But with the preventable genocide underway in Brazil, bullies ask Papa Estado to wash up. And your tax pays for the protection.

Unseemly senators and officials Eduardo Girão (Podemos-CE) and Luís Carlos Heinze (PP-RS) called on nothing less than the Senate police to intimidate sociologist and Folha columnist Celso Rocha de Barros. Nothing justifies the aberration in the list of attributions of these legislative brutes.

Celso Rocha de Barros described the obvious that we see every day: pocketnaristas move the ICC which lies about medicine and covers up the crimes committed under this presidency. He wrote that, when you take into account the calculations of specialists, one could reach 1 million deaths before taming the pandemic. It is not a fiscal pedaling, it is a crime against humanity which should guarantee a seat of accused in the International Court of The Hague.

Words much stronger than those of the columnist have been in use for over a year. What changed? Datafolha numbers? Can you overcome the fear of being left behind in the wreckage of the ship from which other rats, including one handpicked by the gang leader, attempt to jump?

Freedom of the press has been the exception and not the norm throughout history. Everything indicates that we are entering one of the most dangerous periods of the battered Brazilian democracy, on the way to the elections next year. The game is going to be heavy and dirty. The number of masterminds and accomplices in crime currently in the Tri-Powers is mind-boggling. These people are not going to put on pajamas and stay home while awaiting a subpoena in 2023.

Just as they have come together to clean up the dissemination of pandemic data, our media will need coordination, above competing interests, to deal with the obscene minority of motorcyclists celebrating the deaths of the majority, of the passengers. buses and trains, stopping here and there to try and lynch journalists. It is important to show imagination and act in a preventive manner in the face of deteriorating working conditions.

Guess who was described in 2014 as the “biggest enemy of the press of this generation” by a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist? Barack Obama. I don’t agree with the epithet, but I do understand the outrage of James Risen, the journalist who in a book revealed a secret CIA plan against Iran’s nuclear program and spent seven years under threat of the prison. Obama’s justice minister tried to force Risen to reveal the source, and he refused. Ultimately, the threat was withdrawn, in part because the Obama administration was able to locate, prosecute and convict the CIA agent responsible for the leak.

Even when American democracy was not under attack at the instigation of the New York gangster defeated last November, presidents have tried to use the state machine to intimidate journalists. It’s scary to imagine what Richard Nixon would have done with today’s technology. He sent the American Lion to audit and investigate reporters. The invaders of Democratic Party headquarters, the crime that led to Nixon’s resignation, have discussed a plan to assassinate popular columnist Jack Anderson.

The poles of the crime bureau are nervous. It will get worse.

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