Imagination, maturity, and how to grow or not with the characters of a story – Darwin and God

A quick visit here to share a golden nugget of wisdom from magician writer Ursula K. Guin (1929-2018), author of the Earthsea / Terramar series “The Left Hand of Darkness” and many other fantasy classics and science fiction:

“The idea that imagination is only for immaturity arises from a persistent misunderstanding of maturity and imagination. As my protagonists got older, I had confidence that my younger readers would or would not accompany them depending on when they chose. In an advertising editorial world, this was a real risk, and I am very grateful to the publishers who took that risk with me. “

If the reader will allow me, here is another polished phrase from our sorceress on the subject:

“What does escape mean for the accusation of escapism? Escape from real life, from responsibility, from order, from duty, from awe – that is what the indictment implies. But no one except the criminally irresponsible or the pitifully incompetent escapes to jail. The direction of escape is towards freedom. “

I hope I’ll be back soon with more extensive posts.


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