Iran Uses Cryptocurrency Mining To Minimize Impact Of Sanctions, Study Finds – 05/21/2021 – Market

About 4.5% of all bitcoin mining takes place in Iran, allowing the country to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies that can be used in imports, thus minimizing the impact of the sanctions imposed. domestically by the United States, according to a study published on Friday (21). At the current mining level, Iran’s … Read more

Imagination, maturity, and how to grow or not with the characters of a story – Darwin and God

A quick visit here to share a golden nugget of wisdom from magician writer Ursula K. Guin (1929-2018), author of the Earthsea / Terramar series “The Left Hand of Darkness” and many other fantasy classics and science fiction: “The idea that imagination is only for immaturity arises from a persistent misunderstanding of maturity and imagination. … Read more

A few hours after the ceasefire between Israel and Gaza, Jerusalem is the scene of new conflicts – 21/05/2021 – World

Hours after the ceasefire that ended the 11-day string of attacks between Israel and Gaza, Israeli police clashed with groups of Palestinians outside the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on Friday (21 ).). The security forces fired superb grenades at the Palestinians, who retaliated by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the police. According to the … Read more

Itamaraty created a Covid vaccine research group more than a year after the start of the pandemic – 05/21/2021 – Power

It was not until April 12, 2021, more than a year after the start of the pandemic, that Itamaraty created a task force to “step up efforts to obtain vaccines, tests, drugs and supplies.” against Covid-19, according to a diplomatic telegram obtained. by Folha. During the administration of ex-chancellor Ernesto Araújo, there was no coordination, … Read more

More heat, more diseases – basic research

By Fabio Gomes Global warming is redistributing mosquito-borne diseases * * The effects of global warming are already being felt: studies suggest that we have seen the global average temperature rise by one degree Celsius since the beginning of the industrial revolution. This increase, which is obviously small for the layman, is already reflected in … Read more

Chinese census encourages change in business policies and strategies – 20/05/2021 – Tatiana Prazeres

The census of China offers a new image of the country. Around the world, headlines have highlighted the size of China’s population – 1.411 billion, which will soon start to shrink. And the country’s fertility rate – 1.3 children per woman, well below the 2.1 needed to keep the population stable. The news cycle has … Read more