Secret service scandals compromise White House security – 05/19/2021 – Lúcia Guimarães

A few weeks before Joe Biden’s inauguration, the Democrat’s transition team was alarmed by a discovery, among other things, of Donald Trump’s crimes in the federal government. Secret Service agents familiar with the president-elect, from when Biden was protected as Barack Obama’s MP, explained that there was a dangerous asset within the elite agency, whose … Read more

Federal police open deportation investigations against Maduro diplomats – 19/05/2021 – Worldwide

In recent days, federal police have opened deportation investigations against diplomats serving dictator Nicolás Maduro in the country, in another chapter in a series of Chavista deportation attempts from Brazil. On May 13, the PF superintendent of the federal district notified five Venezuelans of the opening of the investigations and gave them ten days to … Read more

Behind China in vaccine donations, the United States still has not defined where to send the doses – 19/05/2021 – World

Behind China in vaccine donations and under pressure to help poorer countries, the United States has yet to define where the 80 million doses of vaccine Joe Biden has pledged to distribute overseas will go to. ‘at the end of June. At a press conference on Wednesday, Gayle Smith, the US State Department’s Global Covid … Read more

Chilean elite: close, but so far – 05/19/2021 – Latinoamérica21

The Chilean constitutive process has aroused interest for several reasons: its gender parity, the seats reserved for indigenous peoples and its electoral system, among other aspects. However, the process did not take into account the relationship between the elite and the rest of society. The elites, understood as minority groups of people who concentrate important … Read more

European Union reaches agreement to reopen tourism in ‘safe’ countries – 05/19/2021 – World

The ambassadors of the 27 members of the European Union have reached an agreement to reopen the block to tourists from countries where the pandemic is under control. An increase in the number of countries included in the “white list” (which allows non-essential travel) and “certain exemptions for those vaccinated” is expected, according to Ana … Read more