The big mistakes about Christian origins in the bestseller The Da Vinci Code – Darwin and God

Dan Brown, the American writer who wrote The Da Vinci Code and other achievements, likes to say that his books are based on thorough historical research, even if they are fictional.

Pure waterfall, kind reader. In the new video from the blog channel on YouTube, I talk about the author’s main journeys on the subject of Christian origins. In short, the novel is a festival of distortions and inventions.

My guide to this is the book by American historian Bart D. Ehrman, an expert on ancient Christian manuscripts, entitled Truth and Fiction in the Da Vinci Code. Check out the video below:

Here are the five big nonsense Ehrman dropped:

1) No, Emperor Constantine was not responsible for defining that Jesus was divine – this idea had been around since the beginning of Christianity and was prevalent as early as the time of Constantine.

2) Constantine was also not responsible for creating the books that would be accepted by the official Bible. This list took several centuries to complete.

3) Yes, in Jesus’ day there were celibate Jews at the Dead Sea, like the members of the Qumran monastic community.

4) Speaking of the Dead Sea: The manuscripts found there are 100% Jewish and tell almost nothing about the origin of Christianity.

5) The so-called Q Document is not hidden in the Vatican simply because it has never been found until today, although it is believed that it served as the source for the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

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