The health problem that could kill up to 10 million people by 2050 if the world doesn’t act

Pasteur said that luck only favors prepared minds (le hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés). Perhaps this was why when Alexander Fleming returned from vacation and found that a fungus had contaminated his staph culture, he didn’t just adapt. Instead of throwing them in the trash, he noticed that near the fungus, the staph … Read more

Evangelical group goes to Itamaraty to ask for Universal’s support after the deportation of Angolan shepherds – 05/17/2021 – World

During a meeting with the Itamaraty command, the Evangelical Parliamentary Front demanded, on Monday (17), that the Jair Bolsonaro government put in place a categorical defense of the universal Church of the Kingdom of God in the crisis of the institution in Angola. Since the end of 2019, the Universal Church has been experiencing a … Read more

Around 2,700 immigrants arrive on Spanish territory in Africa in one day – 05/17/2021 – World

At least 2,700 irregular immigrants, including 1,000 minors, arrived Monday (17) in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, Africa, from neighboring Morocco, according to the Spanish government. It was a record for a single day. Travelers arrived at sea by swimming, in floats or inflatable boats, and even on foot, when the tide permitted. Others tried … Read more

Discover the profile of 5 names elected to the Constituent Assembly of Chile – 05/17/2021 – World

Last weekend, Chile elected members of the Constituent Assembly that will reform the country’s Charter. In a message to President Sebastián Piñera’s government and traditional parties, independent candidates won the most votes and will form 42% of the new body, with 65 of the 155 seats. The setback imposed on right-wing legends was not limited … Read more

United States announces it will donate 20 million doses of approved vaccines in the country – 05/17/2021 – Mundo

President Joe Biden announced on Monday (17) that the United States will share an additional 20 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine with other countries by the end of June. The figure comes in addition to the 60 million doses of the AstraZeneca immunizer that the White House had already committed to distribute, totaling 80 … Read more

Independents’ victory in Chilean constituency celebrates reformism, sends message to parties – 17/05/2021 – Worldwide

In addition to representing a defeat for the traditional parties and for the administration of President Sebastián Piñera, the election of the new Chilean Constituent Assembly, which was held on Saturday (15) and Sunday (16), marked the rise of independent and left and right. the names of the center-left wing, which should set the tone … Read more

For Palestinian ambassador, Israeli colonialism is the source of violence – 05/17/2021 – World

Since it began its bombings in the Gaza Strip a week ago, Israel has blamed the radical Palestinian faction Hamas for initiating this cycle of violence. Diplomat Husam Zomlot does not agree with this justification. “We have to remember that it is Israel that colonizes Palestine, not the other way around,” he said. Ambassador of … Read more