Biden government to send first flight of deported Brazilians this Thursday – 5/16/2021 – World

The Joe Biden government decided to send to Brazil on Thursday (20) the first flight of deported Brazilian immigrants, that is, people who were detained at the border as they tried to enter the States. – United without document.

According to diplomats involved in the negotiations, around 130 Brazilians are expected to be returned on the American-supplied plane this week, but the exact number is not expected to be closed until the day of departure. The information was first reported by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, and confirmed by Folha.

A few days ago, Brazilians detained at the US-Mexico border began reporting to consular officials that they had heard information about the theft, asking for more details, but there was still no official evidence.

This type of chartered flight was a hallmark of Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policy. The plane contracted by the US government under the Republican even caught Brazilians in handcuffs and in conditions questioned by diplomatic authorities and human rights defenders.

During the campaign, Biden promised more humane treatment for immigrants trying to enter the United States undocumented, but immigration turned out to be the biggest crisis the Democrat has faced so far. present.

Precisely because of the feeling of open doors – which the US government insists on saying is illusory – the flow of people trying to enter the United States without documents has exploded, and is already the largest in 20 years.

Among Brazilians, the number peaked between October 2018 and September 2019, when 18,000 people attempted to enter the United States without papers from Brazil.

To try to stop this movement, Trump has taken several steps – including restrictions due to the pandemic – and included Brazilians in the program that sends immigrants to Mexico who attempt to enter the United States irregularly, and keep them waiting in Latin America. countries. to analyze their asylum application processes, among others.

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