Lynching affects narrative about Israel and Palestinians – 05/13/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the New York Times headline throughout the afternoon, “Jews and Arabs Clash in Streets of Israel, Civil Unrest Spreads.” Others followed, speaking of “community” violence.

Echoed the Israeli Prime Minister, who the NYT said “called for an end to the ‘lynchings’,” one of them live on TV (below), as well as the Israeli President, who ” spoke of the specter of “civil war” “. . On the other hand:

“The Palestinian leadership, however, has said that talking about the civil war is a distraction from what they see as the real cause: police brutality against Palestinian protesters and the actions of right-wing Israeli settler groups.”

The NYT eventually noted that “the invasion of the Al-Aqsa Mosque may have been the origin of the cycle of hostilities.”


Denouncing ‘Facebook censorship’, BuzzFeed reports that ‘Instagram removed posts and blocked hashtags on one of Islam’s holiest mosques because its content moderation system falsely associated it with a designation. that society reserves for terrorist organizations ”.

Posts with the hashtag #AlAqsa and its Arabic version were removed until platform employees complained on Tuesday.


Joe Biden’s unrestricted support for the Israeli government has pushed MK Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez away from the wall. In a message that has gone viral, she criticizes him for “reinforcing the misconception that the Palestinians have stirred up” and demands “recognition of what precipitated this cycle of violence, namely the expulsions of Palestinians and the attacks on Al-Aqsa” .

He says the US president is “dehumanizing the Palestinians” and, in short, “taking sides – on the side of the occupation”.


At night, at a time when “Israeli ground forces are attacking Gaza on a large scale,” the highlight next to the NYT call was for a column of Bret Stephens, arguing that Israel “must root out Hamas.”

But the coverage of the United States and Europe came at dawn without confirming whether the invasion would take place, as Israel announced – and backed down -.


The main news program (above) and the daily Granma covered extensively the start of vaccination in Cuba, with Abdala, one of the vaccines developed in the country.

Financial Times and others, noting that vaccines “can improve access to immunization in Latin America.”


Reuters reported that Juan Orlando Hernandez, president of Honduras, one of the few Latin American countries to have relations with Taiwan, not China, is threatening to “open an office” in Beijing, “in an attempt to ‘acquire vaccines’.

Originally speaking on Honduran television, he said he was looking for “diplomatic bridges” in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and El Salvador.

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