Like Copacabana on New Years Eve – Normalitas

It looked like Copacabana on New Years Eve … … But it was just Barcelona beach last weekend, May 8th. Continue to stage. Hecatombic crowds, without masks or with the dit on their chin, bottles passing from hand to hand, and Bella Ciao’s wedges covered the man-made sand (yes, did you know?) Of one of … Read more

Hamas wants to undermine Abraham’s accords, signed between Israel and Arab countries – 05/14/2021 – Jaime Spitzcovsky

The disgusting script is repeated. Hamas and Israel are carrying out another bloody episode, in an unacceptable logic and frequent in the region: waves of violence to sabotage the peace processes. The offensive launched by the Palestinian group, in addition to being responsible for tragic deaths and unacceptable destruction on both sides of the conflict, … Read more

Venezuela: abuse and violence in the cultural world – 14/05/2021 – Latinoamérica21

The suicide of Venezuelan writer Willy McKey, after admitting to raping a minor who denounced him on social media, sparked a long-standing discussion in Venezuela. The debate on gender violence and, in particular, the recurrence and impunity with which it has occurred in various cultural fields is finally on the table. To support victims of … Read more