The people of Gaza will not have a normal life until they are liberated from Hamas – 05/13/2021 – World

Sigmund Freud once said: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.

The violence between Gaza and Israel returned because Hamas, a terrorist organization, decided to provoke violence again. The attempt to explain this recurring explosion of violence between Israel and Hamas generally overlooks the simplest and most obvious fact: violence is the main tool and engine of terrorists around the world.

“Israel will rise up and remain standing until Islam eliminates it by eliminating its ancestors.” This sentence is part of Hamas’ Charter, the main document to reveal its ideological inclinations. When it is the purpose of an organization, the reason for violence, everything else is a matter of tactics. But that only scratches the surface of Hamas’ views and ideology. The truth is much more difficult.

Article 28 of the Charter says that “Israel, by virtue of being Jewish and having a Jewish population, challenges Islam and Muslims”, and many references to “Jews” in the document have negative connotations. and racist.

Hamas violence only exists because of hatred of others, anti-Semitism and racism. This is the sad reality. Of course, there may be arguments related to Israel as to why Hamas decided to launch its rockets now and not a week or a month ago, but the main reason is the same: Hamas is a organization that refuses to accept Israel’s right to exist.

Hamas terrorists, since Monday (10), have launched more than 1,500 rockets against civilian areas of Israel, from civilian areas of Gaza. A double war crime that threatens the lives of millions of civilian children, women and men living in Israel. And it also puts the lives of the civilian population at risk in Gaza, where Hamas leaders are hiding among the elderly, women and children.

In addition, Hamas launched rockets against Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, endangering townspeople, Jews, Muslims and Christians, as well as the most sacred places of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. . No country would tolerate such terrorism and such aggression against its sovereignty and its citizens.

Undoubtedly, none of the readers would agree to live under the constant threat of terrorist attacks where they live and work or where their family is. Israel has the right and the obligation to defend its people. It is not an easy task, especially when Hamas uses the people of Gaza as a shield. Hamas is hiding among innocent people, launching rockets near schools, mosques and residential buildings.

The international community must pressure Hamas to escape violence, to stop terrorism and to accept Israel’s right to exist in peace. The people of Gaza deserve a normal life like the people of Israel deserve, but this can only happen when Gaza is liberated from Hamas, which imposes a regime of terror, with the oppression of opponents, women, minorities. religious and sexual, among others.

In 1947, the UN decided to divide Palestine between Jews and Arabs. Unfortunately, the Arab side, by historical error, rejected division and opted for war, starting it in 1948.

Over the past decades, several peace agreements have been signed between the Israelis and their Arab neighbors. Israel emphatically demonstrates its will to live in harmony and cooperation in a peaceful and democratic Middle East. However, more than 70 years after the partition decided by the UN, there are still groups like Hamas, dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

May we soon see the end of all this bloodshed.

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