What the telegrams reveal about Itamaraty’s performance in the pandemic; listen – 05/10/2021 – Podcasts

Former Chancellor Ernesto Araújo mobilized Brazilian diplomacy to guarantee the supply of chloroquine to Brazil. Actions continued even after medical associations warned of the drug’s ineffectiveness in treating Covid-19 and the risk of side effects.

This is revealed by diplomatic telegrams obtained by Folha and information from those involved in the negotiations. The documents show that the wallet made numerous requests for chloroquine – and that President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) told Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the drug has had positive results against Covid in Brazil.

The report contacted Itamaraty, but did not receive a response until the article was published.

In this Monday’s episode (10), Café da Manhã speaks with journalist Folha Patrícia Campos Mello, who received these telegrams and wrote a report on the subject, what they mean, how the ministry of Foreign Affairs took action and what consequences the revelation could have at Covid. IPC.

The audio program is published on Spotify, the streaming service partner of Folha in the initiative and specializing in music, podcast and video. You can listen to the episode by clicking below. To access the application, register for free.

Listen to the episode:

Breakfast is published Monday to Friday, always at the start of the day. The episode is presented by journalists Maurício Meireles and Magê Flores, with a production by Jéssica Maes, Laila Mouallem and Victor Lacombe. Sound editing is provided by Laila Mouallem and Thomé Granemann.

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