“ Most unequal region in the world ”, Latin America faces the “ wave of poverty ” – 05/06/2021 – Nelson de Sá

To Bloomberg, “the shockwaves of Covid have propelled poverty in Latin America to a new nadir.” Highlighting examples of Rio and Bogotá, Colombia, which face escalating repression, he says that “the most unequal region in the world saw 22 million people join the poor classes from 2019 to 2020”.

Latin America accounts for 30% of Covid deaths, “although it has only 8% of the population,” and its economy contracted 7% last year, “more than double the decline of any other region “. The report illustrates:

“Nowhere is the replacement of the suction [de ascender socialmente] out of desperation, it’s more literal than in the State Park Library in Rio, where thousands of people were searching for books before the pandemic. It now houses a mass feed operation. “


Colombia’s record predates Brazil’s, and although its president is the United States’ greatest ally in the region, the Washington Post and other Americans have already published reviews such as “The Crackdown on Iván Duque fails with Colombia “.

Across the country, non-governmental media like La Silla Vacía have started publishing memorials to the young people killed (above).


Days before El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele appeared before the country’s Supreme Court and prosecution, Reuters reported that “the United States is evaluating an anti-corruption task force for Central America.”

After the intervention, the US Secretary of State especially regretted the departure of the Attorney General, “an effective partner [dos EUA] fight against corruption “.

A few more days and the US government announced, also via Reuters, that it would launch in June “a list of corrupt Central American officials”, intended for El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, the main source of immigrants from the region to the States. -United. States.

The “anti-corruption” fight now includes sanctions.

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