Optical Waveguide Display Market Hit Stunning Double Digit CAGR+12% With Renowned Key Players Waveguide Optical Technologies., HFCL Limited, LEONI AG, Fujikura Ltd., Corning Incorporated, Sterlite Technologies Limited., FURUKAWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD., Prysmian Group, Finisar Corporation

An optical waveguide refers to a physical form that helps in the guidance of electromagnetic waves in the optical spectrum.s Some of the common forms of optical waveguides comprise products like optical fiber, transparent dielectric waveguides that are made of glass and plastic. The global optical waveguide market is expected to be influenced by phenomenal rise in the use of electronic devices.

Optical waveguides comprise significant elements in photonic devices that do the task of de-multiplexing and multiplexing of optical signals, splitting, switching, coupling, and guiding optical signals. By making use of planar technology, driving electronics, receivers, transmitters, electrooptic components, and passive wavelengths are integrated onto one chip. It is similar to microelectronics.

Optical waveguide display market is expected to reach at potential growth by 2027 witnessing market growth at a rate of +12% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2027.

Key Players

The major players covered in the optical waveguide display market are Waveguide Optical Technologies., HFCL Limited, LEONI AG, Fujikura Ltd., Corning Incorporated, Sterlite Technologies Limited., FURUKAWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD., Prysmian Group, Finisar Corporation, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., among other domestic and global players.

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Optical Waveguide Market: Drivers and Restraints

Optical waveguide market is witnessing maximum growth owing to expanding in the adoption of electronic devices, data traffic coupled with a handling of the significant amount of data generation by the data center, and cloud computing with high speed. Moreover, rising internet connectivity, demand for bandwidth, and low power consumption are some of the factors that can boost the demand for optical waveguide over the forecast period. However, high installation cost optical waveguide for data communication areas such as data centers, and slow introduction of various optical waveguide related technologies may hamper the growth of optical waveguide market in near future.

Optical waveguide comes with many promising features such as biocompatility, resistance to electromagnetic noise, ability of distributed sensing, and high bandwidth. All these features are likely to foster growth of the global optical waveguide market in the years to come.

The global optical waveguide market is primarily driven by the rapid rise in the use of electronic devices together with augmented rate of data traffic and huge amount of data flow. The increasingly high use of internet together with demand for low power consumption is likely to generate demand for the product in near future. In addition, emergence and increasing popularity of techniques of high-speed cloud computing is likely to come up as a significant growth inducing factor for the global optical waveguide market in years to come.

Optical interconnect is a mode of communication through optical cables. It is used to transform the signals from electrical to optical with less frequency dependent loss and high bandwidth. Optical interconnect can be categories into two main types namely optical fiber, and the optical waveguide. The optical waveguide is an element that interconnects various devices of optical integrated circuits. However, the optical wave travels in the waveguide in different optical modes that help in solving the data traffic congestion with low power consumption. The optical waveguide can also aid in handling the significant amount of data generation from data center along with cloud computing with high bandwidth. The optical waveguide has unique features such as biocompatible, enables distributed sensing, high bandwidth, resistant to electromagnetic noise such as motors, radios, and operates at high speed.

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Optical Waveguide Market Segmentation

The optical waveguide market has been classified on the basis of waveguide type, material type, fabrication process, optical interconnection, and application.

Based on waveguide type

  • Planar Waveguide
  • Channel Waveguide

Based on the material type,

  • Semiconductor Waveguides
  • Electro-optic Waveguides
  • Glass Waveguides
  • Silicon Waveguides
  • Polymers Waveguides
  • Others

Based on the fabrication process,

  • Microreplication Method
  • Lithography Method
  • Photo-address Method

Based on optical interconnection,

  • Chip to Chip Optical Interconnection
  • Board to board Optical interconnection
  • On-chip Optical Interconnection
  • Optical Back Plane
  • Inter Board
  • Others

Based on application,

  • Tablet PC
  • Inspection Devices
  • Super High Vision
  • High-performance Server, Computing, Router
  • Printers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Aircraft & Automobiles
  • Others

Reginal Analysis

  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India and ASEAN)
  • North America (US and Canada)
  • Europe (Germany, France, UK and Italy)
  • Rest of World (Latin America, Middle East and Africa)

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