Irrigation Automation Market Size to Reach USD 3.5 billion in 2020

The global market size for irrigation automation valued at USD 3.5 billion in 2020 is expected to rise by CAGR 20% by 2030 to USD 10 billion by 2030. Rapid computerization and the use of smart technology for agriculture, government water management measures, and farming recognition of the advantages of irrigation automation are some of the contributing factors of market development.

Irrigation is referred to as artificial land or surface use of water. Despite inadequate rainfall, irrigation processes can be utilized for the production of crops. An integrated irrigation facility implies the system operation without or only with limited human activity in addition to the control. With timers, sensors, or computers, or mechanical equipment, almost any machine can be controlled. It enhances the irrigation cycle and allows producers to focus on other essential agricultural tasks. On the other hand, such a program may be costly, very complicated, and can require specialists to formulate and execute.

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Irrigation Automation Market: Key Players

  • The Toro Company (US)
  • Netafim (Israel)
  • Galcon (Israel)
  • Rubicon Water (Australia)
  • Weathermatic (US)
  • Nelson Irrigation (US)
  • Most tech Water Solution Ltd (Israel)
  • Avanijal Agri Automation Pvt Ltd. (India)
  • Hunter Industries (US)
  • Valmont Industries Inc. (US)
  • Rain Bird (US)
  • Jain Irrigation Systems (India)
  • Lindsay Corporation (US)
  • Grow Link (US)
  • Irritec S.P.An (Italy)
  • Bluray (India)
  • Grow green Irrigation Systems (India)
  • Tevatron (Italy)
  • Dorset Group B.V (Netherlands)
  • Other Prominent Players

Irrigation Automation Market: Segments

Drip irrigation is anticipated to witness the fastest growth in the market during the projected period

Automatic drip irrigation has an over-10 year service life and a greater capacity rate, making them the most common types of irrigation solutions available to vegetable and line crops in countries like the USA, Canada, Brazil, and Spain.

During the forecast period, the automated systems category is expected to grow at a rapid rate

The automated system market is expected to expand at an increased pace due to the high rates of automatic irrigation solutions used in agricultural sector applications in countries such as the US, Canada, Spain, Italy, and China.

By the form of automation, the market of irrigation automation is anticipated to be dominated by a time-based system

Time- and volume-oriented systems are semi-automatic and give the consumer the opportunity of volume or time regulation of the irrigation cycle. This versatility is more popular among farmers owing to the time-based systems.

The non-agricultural sector in irrigation automation is expected to be the fastest-growing business segment in the forecast period 2020-2030

The growth of golf courses and other sports facilities around the world has contributed to the introduction of a watering system. Such automated systems guarantee on-time spraying and lower water charges for owners and farmers with the necessary amount of water. The water shortage and a decline in the annual rainfall in the area of Asia-Pacific are set to propel irrigation market development.

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Irrigation Automation Market: Market Dynamics


Motivation from government bodies

With assistance from many national governments, the irrigation automation market is expanding and the increasing demand for food with an ever-growing population is promoting water and energy preservation. In combination with erratic precipitation trends, the growing water crisis is negatively affecting the use of traditional agricultural irrigation methods and is thus spurring the widespread use of advanced irrigation methods. Also, the introduction of modern technologies such as water management technology focused on soil humidity and the environment enhances the implementation of irrigation automation systems. The Australian government, for example, has launched many research and development programs aimed at enhancing water quality. Also, the government has introduced an Irrigation Improvement Program on-farm to help upgrade of irrigation facilities of particular irrigators or to adjust irrigation practices to save water.


Water shortage and the lack of awareness in underdeveloped regions

Demand for worldwide irrigation automation is increasingly growing and rapid expansion is anticipated to affect the water supplies for future generations making it big trouble according to the environmentalists. Golf courses, urban landscaping, and residential plantation need water in large amounts which are anticipated to falter water supply. Some of the underdeveloped nations in MENA and APAC regions have seen tremendous challenges in adopting technologically advanced irrigation techniques due to the lack of IT infrastructure and lack of awareness to make use of better technologies which hinders the growth of the irrigation automation market.

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Irrigation Automation Market Segments:

  • By System:
    • Automatic
    • Semi-Automatic
  • By Irrigation Type:
    • Sprinkler irrigation
    • Drip irrigation
    • Surface irrigation
  • By End-use:
    • Agricultural
    • Open fields
    • Greenhouses
    • Non-agricultural
    • Golf courses
    • Lawns
    • Sports grounds
  • By Automation type
    • Time-based
    • Volume-based
    • Real-time based
    • Computer-based control system

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