After the victory of the “ Greta generation ”, Merkel tightens the pace of climate law – 05/05/2021 – World

After the historic victory of the so-called “Greta generation” – young people in their twenties whose priority is to prevent climate change – the German government has presented a tougher proposal for its climate law. The move follows an order from the country’s highest court, which ruled the Merkel government’s plan unconstitutional to push most … Read more

Venezuelan dictatorship includes regime-tolerant opponents in new electoral body – 05/05/2021 – World

In electing the new members of the presbytery of the National Electoral Council (CNE) on Tuesday (4), the National Assembly of Venezuela included two members of an opposition sector that tolerates Chavismo. The CNE has been challenged in recent years by international observers and the majority of the opposition, who believe there has been fraud … Read more

Napoleon raises dilemma to remember that France was built with militarism and slavery, historian says – 05/05/2021 – World

Napoleon Bonaparte helped create the foundations of today’s France: a country with an organized state, which tries to ensure a comfortable life and values ​​education and the arts. However, this country model was also achieved through military victories and slave labor, and remembering this creates a dilemma for the French, says historian Adam Zamoyski. The … Read more

On the 1st day of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the military base seems to sell – 05/05/2021 – Worldwide

An American transport plane slid onto the airstrip, loaded with ammunition, a giant flat-screen TV from a CIA base, pallets of equipment and military personnel. It was one of the many planes that carried the remnants of the American war that night from that large military base in southern Afghanistan. President Joe Biden has said … Read more

With equal political rights status, more than 26,000 Portuguese can vote in Brazil – Ora Pois

Even without dual citizenship, Portuguese residents in Brazil can vote in Brazilian elections. To do this, it suffices to apply for the so-called equal political rights status, available after three years of legal residence in the country. Currently, 26,184 Portuguese have the right to vote in Brazil, according to data provided by the TSE (Superior … Read more

After Facebook continues to veto Trump, the question remains: is Bolsonaro? – 05/05/2021 – World

Now that Facebook’s oversight committee has announced the decision to uphold former US President Donald Trump’s ban on social media, the question remains: what about Jair Bolsonaro? Can the Brazilian leader maintain his routine of breaking platform rules undisturbed? What about other populists who use Facebook and other social networks to lie and incite violence, … Read more

Facebook keeps Trump banned from social media, but will reconsider decision in future – 05/05/2021 – Worldwide

After winning millions of followers and becoming one of the most effective politicians at using social media, Donald Trump has remained silent – and so he must continue, at least temporarily. Facebook’s supervisory committee decided on Wednesday (5) to maintain the ban on the former US president’s account from its platforms, but will reconsider this … Read more